Ten Months Overdue…. Sam is EIGHT


So 10 months ago, this girlie girl of mine turned EIGHT.



This amazing girl,

who is ridiculously smart,

wants so much to be even MORE grown up.

I still remember when she was born.

My labor was horrid.
(Can you say “back labor?”
Can you say “epidural that only worked on one half of my body?”

Can you say “came out sunny side UP instead of DOWN?”)

But despite all that pain….

and despite giving up SO. MANY. FOODS. while I was nursing her,

and despite the MONTHS she spent screaming,

I still remember her as a beautiful
(and bald)

baby girl.
A girl quick with a smile.
And a laugh.

A girl who LOVED life.

Correction, LOVES life.

This girl started Kindergarten almost three months before she turned 5.

(She’s the youngest kid in her entire grade).
This girl qualified for the academically gifted program by the end of Kindergarten.
This girl is loved by her teachers.
At school AND church.

This girl is loved by her friends.

This girl is loved by other adults.

This girl is VERY WELL LOVED by her parents.

And siblings.

And extended family.

When she turned 8,
she was EXCITEDLY anticipating being a big sister (again).

She’s not perfect.

She’s got the attitude of a teenager (and has since she was 5).

She hates being told to do things.

She loves helping – but on her own terms.

She wants so badly to be older. MUCH older.

She gets frustrated easily.

She gives up easily.

She doesn’t like to work hard for things.

She doesn’t think about the consequences of her actions.

She won’t brush her hair.

She always “forgets” to brush her teeth.

But despite those things, she’s amazing.

(Heck, none of us are perfect).

This girl loves school.

She loves her teachers.

She loves her friends.

All of her friends are her BEST friends.

This girl wants to be a teacher herself.

And an author.

She’s planning to write during the summer and teach during the school year.

This girl fiercely loves her family.

She loves family movie night.

She loves eating out at restaurants.

She usually asks for burgers or sub sandwiches.

(We never have the latter).

This girl wants to wear high heels all the time.

She wants to wear make-up (“for real” – um, no. you’re 8. barely.).

She desperately wants her ears pierced.

She wants “in” on all adult conversations.

She has ears that hear EVERYTHING.

This girl does cartwheels EVERYWHERE.


She loves gymnastics and dance but doesn’t want to take classes for either.

She’s not the sport-y type.

But she claims she loves to run.

And she enjoyed soccer and volleyball camps this summer.

And she’s playing volleyball (with her friends) this season.

She loves clothes.

LOVES clothes.

And shoes.

Oh, the shoes…..!

And shopping.

It’s seriously her favorite pastime. (i’ve taught her well).

She loves to make crafts.

And to write stories.

She wants to help in the kitchen more.

She wishes she were an amazing cook.

But she’s proud of the few dishes she can make
(grilled cheese, mac-n-cheese, scrambled eggs, toast…).

She’s still afraid of heights.

She wants to wear (real) glasses.

She’s adventurous.

She learned to ride a longboard this year.

She’s a great “little mommy” to her sister.

She loves to read. Even out loud.

She loves roller coasters and theme park rides….

as long as they don’t go up too high.

This girlie girl of mine…

Her smile lights up my days.

Her enthusiasm is infectious.

Her attention to detail is uncanny.

Her fashion sense is pretty on-pointe.

Her helpfulness is a gift to this tired mommy.

Her friendliness is a treasure to many.

Her life is a blessing to those who know her.

This girlie girl of mine… I can hardly believe she’s EIGHT.

I love you,

dear Samantha,

and pray that this is a fantastic year for you!

(photo dump):

IMG_1850 IMG_1818 IMG_1823 IMG_1829 IMG_1832 IMG_5297 IMG_1800 IMG_5015 IMG_5068 IMG_5121 IMG_5194 IMG_5222 IMG_5291 IMG_5292 IMG_1596 IMG_4337 IMG_4542 IMG_4743 IMG_4860 IMG_4891 IMG_4912 IMG_1307 IMG_1355 IMG_1393 IMG_3802 IMG_4039 IMG_4093 IMG_4271 IMG_4324 IMG_1098 IMG_1144 IMG_1202 IMG_3454 IMG_3473 IMG_3565 IMG_0806 IMG_2134 IMG_2147 IMG_2170 IMG_2258 IMG_2562 IMG_2900 IMG_3423 IMG_20160705_130243 IMG_0232 IMG_0282 IMG_0505 IMG_0570 IMG_0620 IMG_1358 IMG_1561 IMG_1719 IMG_1723 IMG_1726 IMG_1782  IMG_0171 IMG_0201 IMG_0851 IMG_0890 IMG_0975 IMG_1118-2 IMG_1254 IMG_0079 IMG_0506 IMG_0831 IMG_0842 IMG_9668 IMG_9705 IMG_9739 IMG_9846 IMG_9993 IMG_0114 IMG_0198 IMG_0205 IMG_0430 IMG_8866 IMG_9109 IMG_9620 IMG_9642 IMG_9753 IMG_9064 IMG_9123 IMG_9184 IMG_9234 IMG_9237 IMG_9360 IMG_9371 IMG_9409 IMG_9416 IMG_9472 IMG_7009 IMG_7548 IMG_8773 IMG_8817 IMG_8830 IMG_8933 IMG_8981 IMG_5510 IMG_5532 IMG_6785 IMG_6892 IMG_8747 IMG_5004 IMG_8278 IMG_8403 IMG_8461 IMG_8470 IMG_8510 IMG_8523 IMG_8555 IMG_8563 IMG_3789 IMG_3934 with some of her good friends.... IMG_4551 IMG_8090 IMG_8151 IMG_8260 IMG_1118 IMG_7895 IMG_7904 IMG_7909 IMG_7949 IMG_7962 IMG_7968 IMG_8034 IMG_8052 IMG_0877 IMG_0887 IMG_0913 IMG_0963 IMG_1036 IMG_0793 IMG_0795 IMG_0840 IMG_0858 IMG_0860 IMG_7276 IMG_7309 IMG_7329 IMG_7413 IMG_7431 IMG_7472 IMG_7477

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