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DOUBLE DIGITS in July…. Davey is TEN





How in the world did we get to this point?!

How is my sweet, baby boy…

my first born…


This oldest boy of mine…

he’s pretty amazing.

He’s ridiculously smart.

(Principal’s list x4 last year?!)

And he’s funny.

And a little bit crazy.

He loves to read,

play board games,

play video games,

watch movies,

watch tv,

and spend time at home.

He’s more of an introvert than an extrovert.

He prefers to be at home.

He hates running errands.

Even if it’s to pick out legos for himself.

He prefers smaller groups of friends to large crowds.

He’s fun-loving and energetic.

He loves basketball.

But he chose soccer camp over basketball camp this summer.

He still loves to swim and dive for toys.

And he’s light enough that Daddy can still throw him pretty well.

He’s still on the smaller side of average.

He weighs in at 52.8 pounds (2.68%).

He’s 49.75 inches tall (2.87%).

His growth spurt will come.


He’s grown into a size 1 or 2 shoe.

He’s in a size 7 bottom and a 7/8 top.

This amazing kid of mine is about to be a FIFTH GRADER.


He’s going to play the clarinet in band.

(We’ll see how that goes – he seems to have my musical ability.)

This silly,










oldest Munchkin of mine LOVES being a big brother to a little brother.

Sometimes he loves being a big brother to his sisters.

He loves being part of our family.

This kid of mine,
he’s a thinker.
He doesn’t make decisions or choices easily.
He weighs all sides of every choice.
He takes his time.

He thinks things through.

And then he second guesses himself.
And he finally makes a choice.

But sometimes he changes his mind.

This kid of mine wears flip flops or lace-up sneakers.
There’s no in between.

He prefers to wear “Saturday clothes” (sports shorts)

but I’m the mom and won’t let him wear them to school daily.

He thinks all shirts that don’t have something on them are church shirts.
He won’t wear collared button-downs anymore.
I can’t reallly get him into a polo shirt anymore, either.

Just “nicer” t-shirts.

He wears shorts year-round.
There’s usually about a week of cold weather in January or February that requires pants,

but otherwise, it’s shorts ALL. THE. TIME.

This great kid loves to think.

He drive me crazy with his attention to detail.

And his memory.

He’d be an amazing lawyer –

he’d never forget a detail of a case and he’d catch the opposing witnesses in any lie.

He started doing some programming/coding this summer.

Not much, but a little.

This kid loves sugar.

Soda (favorites: Pepsi and Dr. Pepper).

Candy (favorites: Snickers, Twix, Kit Kat).

Treats and sweets (like: cookies, RK treats, ice cream).

But he’s a pretty good eater.

I think we fought the food battles when he was younger and it’s paid off….

he doesn’t complain about meals (unless he’s sick)

and he knows he needs to eat all of his dinner to get a treat.

He likes Thai food and Vietnamese food and Asian cuisine….

plus burgers and mac-n-cheese and PB&J.

This kid,

he made me a mom.

And I couldn’t be more thankful for him.

He came into this world a month earlier than expected

and he’s been a joy and a delight to our family ever since!

Happy 10th birthday,

my first-born son!

I am so thankful for you!

Love you bunches, Davey!

IMG_7272 IMG_7385 IMG_1134 IMG_1192 IMG_1279 IMG_7166  IMG_7211 IMG_0359 IMG_0534 IMG_0554 IMG_1018 IMG_1045 IMG_6929 IMG_7164 IMG_0309 IMG_6782 IMG_6827 IMG_6841 IMG_6718 IMG_9738 IMG_9817 IMG_9824 IMG_9828 IMG_9973 IMG_6608 IMG_6654 IMG_9531 IMG_9644 IMG_9664 IMG_9674 IMG_6300 IMG_6323 IMG_6429 IMG_9118 IMG_9214 IMG_9397 IMG_5733 IMG_6004 IMG_6006 IMG_6021 IMG_8689 IMG_8923 DSC_0586 IMG_2387 IMG_2395 IMG_5729 IMG_8369 DSC_0541 IMG_2346 IMG_5539 IMG_5545 IMG_5547 IMG_8036 IMG_8124 IMG_5379 IMG_7427 IMG_7522 IMG_7648 IMG_7738 IMG_7747 IMG_7818 IMG_4699 IMG_4772 IMG_5180 IMG_5305 IMG_7213 IMG_4476 IMG_4509 IMG_4601 IMG_6953 IMG_6987 IMG_6685 IMG_6793 IMG_6823 IMG_6859 IMG_6877 IMG_4262 IMG_4296 IMG_4311 IMG_3974 IMG_3980 IMG_4161 IMG_4177 IMG_4217 IMG_3143 IMG_3737 IMG_8068 - Version 2 IMG_8110 IMG_8144 IMG_8149 IMG_8170 IMG_2561 IMG_5380 IMG_5457 IMG_5468 IMG_5531 IMG_5613 IMG_5634 IMG_5744 IMG_5013 IMG_5121 IMG_5164 IMG_5262 IMG_5373 IMG_5433 IMG_1106 IMG_1254 IMG_4289 IMG_4459 IMG_4542 IMG_4766 IMG_4839 IMG_1026 IMG_2900 IMG_3126 IMG_3264

Only a little late…. Alex is SEVEN….


She’s SEVEN.

For real.

This baby girl of mine -

almost eight years ago, they told us that this baby girl

MIGHT not be born alive…

or might be born alive but wasn’t likely to live long,

or who might live awhile but have serious issues….

this PERFECT little girl of mine is SEVEN YEARS OLD.

Take THAT, science!


Every year I can’t resist the digs at science.

And I wish I could go back to that doctor in seattle and show them this sweet and loving girl.
This precious LIFE that they offered me the opportunity to end.

Stupid doctor.

But really,

this girl is amazing.

Every year she grows by leaps and bounds.

She still knows NO strangers.

Everyone is her friend.

Her best friend.

She LOVES people.

She fully embraces them.

Every age.

Every sex.

Every color.

Every personality.

She loves them all.



She still loves to cuddle and snuggle.

She wants to sit on EVERYONE’s lap.

And if that person chooses to read a book to her?

Or multiple books?


You’ll be BFFs forever.


She’s reading like a mad fiend.

She’s comprehending math and is getting the answers right.

She’s adding and subtracting.

Despite this, she’ll be repeating 1st grade this school year.

She just needs the extra time.

And it’ll be good for her to be “ahead” of the other kids in some areas.

Especially since she’s so far behind in her writing ability.

She loves to laugh.

Especially at the sound of burps and toots.


She’s like a junior high boy sometimes.

She still likes to tell jokes.

Jokes that she makes up.

Jokes that she makes up that don’t make any sense.

She loves to play games.

Especially go fish,



“family” (in my day we called it “house”),

and anything with sand or rocks.

Or anything with her big brother and sister.

Or anything with her baby brother.

Basically, she just likes to play.

And always with friends.

She tried soccer camp this summer and did pretty well.

She’s still petite.

Very, very petite.

She’s wearing a size 5 bottom

(and many of those are way too big on her waist)

and a size 6 top.

She weighed in at 34 pounds (0.14%).

She stands 40.25” tall (0.28%).

Her shoe size is 9.5 (again, sooooo tiny)!

This amazing little girl brings so much joy, sunshine, and laughter into our home.

She learned how to swim this summer and she’s doing AMAZING.

She still loves to practice riding her skateboard.

But she still can’t balance well enough to actually ride it.

She loves to ride her balance bikes (she has BOTH hand-me-downs from D&S).

This girl is also frustrating on so many levels.

She doesn’t listen well.

She doesn’t obey right away.

She doesn’t grasp the concept of “personal bubble.”

She asks “what?” ALL. THE. TIME.

But then she gives you a hug.

Or a huge smile.

Or she laughs….

And she gets away with it all again.

She has an enthusiasm for life that I wish could be bottled.

She can frequently be found running and cheering (“woohoo!”).

She loves to encourage people.

She loves parties and celebrations.

She still loves to watch Daniel Tiger,

Super Why,



Frozen Fever,

Moana, and

Monster Math Squad.

She LOVES Thursdays when we go to Summer Movie Fun.

But she MIGHT be into the movie theater movies for the popcorn.

And the candy (we buy it at Dollar Tree).

She’s a little obsessed with Elephant and Piggie books by Mo Willems right now.

But Pete the Cat will forever be her first favorite(s).

And Biscuit. Never forget the Biscuit books.

Her favorite toys remain her dolls and stuffed animals.

She’ll play with them for minutes.

Sometimes for hours.

She’ll try to carry them ALL around the house.


Her favorite seems to still be her original Beanie Boos.

This 7-year old girl of mine is a medical marvel.

She’s sweet and cuddly and adorable and fun.

She’s loving and kind and gracious and caring.

She has a sensitive heart (especially when others are hurting).

She’s empathetic and sympathetic.

I’m so grateful for her life.

Happy 7th Birthday, my dear Alex.

Always know that you are LOVED beyond measure!

IMG_1134 IMG_1233 IMG_1279 IMG_7188 IMG_0536 IMG_0554 IMG_0635 IMG_0772 IMG_0805 IMG_0875 IMG_0988 IMG_0173 IMG_0270 IMG_0290  IMG_0374 IMG_6721 IMG_6733 IMG_6646 IMG_6714 IMG_9708 IMG_9748 IMG_9833 IMG_9903 IMG_6462 IMG_6614 IMG_6639 IMG_9470 IMG_9567 IMG_9578 IMG_6076 IMG_6174 IMG_9180 IMG_9185 IMG_9425 IMG_9454 IMG_2437 IMG_8708 IMG_8749 IMG_8920 IMG_9020 IMG_2337 IMG_2366 IMG_5525 IMG_5675 IMG_7998 IMG_8052 IMG_8287 IMG_8391 IMG_8396 IMG_8545 IMG_4724 IMG_7395 IMG_7397 IMG_7480 IMG_7551 IMG_7699 IMG_7735 IMG_7742 IMG_7853 IMG_6834 IMG_7042 IMG_7064 IMG_7120 IMG_7124 IMG_7167 IMG_7182 IMG_7213 IMG_6496 IMG_6499 IMG_6655 IMG_6690 IMG_6728 IMG_6734 IMG_6755 IMG_6796 IMG_6388 IMG_6426 IMG_4174 IMG_4189 IMG_4267 IMG_4318 IMG_6281 IMG_4050 IMG_6022 IMG_6154 IMG_6161 IMG_6166 IMG_3056 IMG_5566 IMG_5576 IMG_5720 IMG_5743 IMG_5744 IMG_8011 IMG_8150 - Version 2 IMG_4596 IMG_4719 IMG_4808 IMG_4831 IMG_4884 IMG_4887 IMG_5015 IMG_5251 IMG_5316 IMG_5389 IMG_3724 IMG_3802 IMG_4095 IMG_4251 IMG_4287 IMG_4321 IMG_4362 IMG_4368 IMG_4425 IMG_1092 IMG_1111 IMG_3293 IMG_3464 IMG_3491 IMG_3530 IMG_3547 IMG_3657 IMG_2852 IMG_2894 IMG_3108 IMG_3267

Ten Months Overdue…. Sam is EIGHT


So 10 months ago, this girlie girl of mine turned EIGHT.



This amazing girl,

who is ridiculously smart,

wants so much to be even MORE grown up.

I still remember when she was born.

My labor was horrid.
(Can you say “back labor?”
Can you say “epidural that only worked on one half of my body?”

Can you say “came out sunny side UP instead of DOWN?”)

But despite all that pain….

and despite giving up SO. MANY. FOODS. while I was nursing her,

and despite the MONTHS she spent screaming,

I still remember her as a beautiful
(and bald)

baby girl.
A girl quick with a smile.
And a laugh.

A girl who LOVED life.

Correction, LOVES life.

This girl started Kindergarten almost three months before she turned 5.

(She’s the youngest kid in her entire grade).
This girl qualified for the academically gifted program by the end of Kindergarten.
This girl is loved by her teachers.
At school AND church.

This girl is loved by her friends.

This girl is loved by other adults.

This girl is VERY WELL LOVED by her parents.

And siblings.

And extended family.

When she turned 8,
she was EXCITEDLY anticipating being a big sister (again).

She’s not perfect.

She’s got the attitude of a teenager (and has since she was 5).

She hates being told to do things.

She loves helping – but on her own terms.

She wants so badly to be older. MUCH older.

She gets frustrated easily.

She gives up easily.

She doesn’t like to work hard for things.

She doesn’t think about the consequences of her actions.

She won’t brush her hair.

She always “forgets” to brush her teeth.

But despite those things, she’s amazing.

(Heck, none of us are perfect).

This girl loves school.

She loves her teachers.

She loves her friends.

All of her friends are her BEST friends.

This girl wants to be a teacher herself.

And an author.

She’s planning to write during the summer and teach during the school year.

This girl fiercely loves her family.

She loves family movie night.

She loves eating out at restaurants.

She usually asks for burgers or sub sandwiches.

(We never have the latter).

This girl wants to wear high heels all the time.

She wants to wear make-up (“for real” – um, no. you’re 8. barely.).

She desperately wants her ears pierced.

She wants “in” on all adult conversations.

She has ears that hear EVERYTHING.

This girl does cartwheels EVERYWHERE.


She loves gymnastics and dance but doesn’t want to take classes for either.

She’s not the sport-y type.

But she claims she loves to run.

And she enjoyed soccer and volleyball camps this summer.

And she’s playing volleyball (with her friends) this season.

She loves clothes.

LOVES clothes.

And shoes.

Oh, the shoes…..!

And shopping.

It’s seriously her favorite pastime. (i’ve taught her well).

She loves to make crafts.

And to write stories.

She wants to help in the kitchen more.

She wishes she were an amazing cook.

But she’s proud of the few dishes she can make
(grilled cheese, mac-n-cheese, scrambled eggs, toast…).

She’s still afraid of heights.

She wants to wear (real) glasses.

She’s adventurous.

She learned to ride a longboard this year.

She’s a great “little mommy” to her sister.

She loves to read. Even out loud.

She loves roller coasters and theme park rides….

as long as they don’t go up too high.

This girlie girl of mine…

Her smile lights up my days.

Her enthusiasm is infectious.

Her attention to detail is uncanny.

Her fashion sense is pretty on-pointe.

Her helpfulness is a gift to this tired mommy.

Her friendliness is a treasure to many.

Her life is a blessing to those who know her.

This girlie girl of mine… I can hardly believe she’s EIGHT.

I love you,

dear Samantha,

and pray that this is a fantastic year for you!

(photo dump):

IMG_1850 IMG_1818 IMG_1823 IMG_1829 IMG_1832 IMG_5297 IMG_1800 IMG_5015 IMG_5068 IMG_5121 IMG_5194 IMG_5222 IMG_5291 IMG_5292 IMG_1596 IMG_4337 IMG_4542 IMG_4743 IMG_4860 IMG_4891 IMG_4912 IMG_1307 IMG_1355 IMG_1393 IMG_3802 IMG_4039 IMG_4093 IMG_4271 IMG_4324 IMG_1098 IMG_1144 IMG_1202 IMG_3454 IMG_3473 IMG_3565 IMG_0806 IMG_2134 IMG_2147 IMG_2170 IMG_2258 IMG_2562 IMG_2900 IMG_3423 IMG_20160705_130243 IMG_0232 IMG_0282 IMG_0505 IMG_0570 IMG_0620 IMG_1358 IMG_1561 IMG_1719 IMG_1723 IMG_1726 IMG_1782  IMG_0171 IMG_0201 IMG_0851 IMG_0890 IMG_0975 IMG_1118-2 IMG_1254 IMG_0079 IMG_0506 IMG_0831 IMG_0842 IMG_9668 IMG_9705 IMG_9739 IMG_9846 IMG_9993 IMG_0114 IMG_0198 IMG_0205 IMG_0430 IMG_8866 IMG_9109 IMG_9620 IMG_9642 IMG_9753 IMG_9064 IMG_9123 IMG_9184 IMG_9234 IMG_9237 IMG_9360 IMG_9371 IMG_9409 IMG_9416 IMG_9472 IMG_7009 IMG_7548 IMG_8773 IMG_8817 IMG_8830 IMG_8933 IMG_8981 IMG_5510 IMG_5532 IMG_6785 IMG_6892 IMG_8747 IMG_5004 IMG_8278 IMG_8403 IMG_8461 IMG_8470 IMG_8510 IMG_8523 IMG_8555 IMG_8563 IMG_3789 IMG_3934 with some of her good friends.... IMG_4551 IMG_8090 IMG_8151 IMG_8260 IMG_1118 IMG_7895 IMG_7904 IMG_7909 IMG_7949 IMG_7962 IMG_7968 IMG_8034 IMG_8052 IMG_0877 IMG_0887 IMG_0913 IMG_0963 IMG_1036 IMG_0793 IMG_0795 IMG_0840 IMG_0858 IMG_0860 IMG_7276 IMG_7309 IMG_7329 IMG_7413 IMG_7431 IMG_7472 IMG_7477