spring break shenanigans…. with ostriches!

Spring Break began on Friday at 12:01pm for D&S and at 12:31pm for A.
In an effort to make our week as crazy as we could,
we opted to repeat a fun activity from last year….


and to make it as much fun as it was last year,
we went with the same people:
The Wood Family!

Since we were rookies last year,
we learned to get wrist bands for ALL the kiddos.
that was a HUGE HIT this year.
and to avoid buying tickets,
I got a wrist band again this year.
Dave didn’t want one.

Alex thoroughly enjoyed ALL the rides she tried.
and she tried a lot.
roller coasters.
crazy rides.
tame rides.
she LOVED them.

IMG_6864 IMG_6868

IMG_8738 IMG_8742 IMG_8744 IMG_8745 IMG_6875 IMG_6881 IMG_6884

IMG_6892IMG_6903 IMG_6897 IMG_6899

it was super fun for me this year to be RIDING with the kiddos.
especially alex.
i didn’t grow up going to carnivals or fairs or festivals.
and the few times i ever did attend one, there were LIMITED rides i could go on.
because my mom wasn’t into rides.
the carousel and ferris wheel were about the extent of it.
but amazingly, i LOVE rides.
not the the kind that spin and make you nauseated.
(well, not anymore.
when i was younger…)
but what i really loved about this year was dave being BEHIND the camera..
which put me IN a lot of the photos this year.

 IMG_6905 IMG_6906 IMG_6909 IMG_6910 IMG_6912IMG_8747 IMG_8749






and after lots and LOTS of kiddie rides,
we wandered over to the big people rides.
and got distracted by the reptile people on the way….

IMG_6928 IMG_6930 IMG_6934

IMG_6936 IMG_8762 IMG_8763 IMG_8764IMG_6945 IMG_6947 IMG_6949 IMG_6951

this ride….

IMG_6955 IMG_6963

i’m so thankful i talked samantha into riding with the boys instead of with me.
it would’ve made me sick.

IMG_6967 IMG_6974

poor munchkin,
it DID make davey sick.
next year, we’ll give him 1/4 to 1/2 of a motion sickness pill.
and yes, he actually got SICK….
about 30 minutes AFTER riding it.
lesson learned.

he did bounce back.
but it took a little while.

IMG_6976 IMG_6982 IMG_6991 IMG_7001 IMG_7005
IMG_7008 IMG_7009

after the big kid rides (where alex was too little to enjoy anything),
we made our way back to the kiddie area for a few more rides….

IMG_7026  IMG_8754 IMG_8755 IMG_8758 IMG_8760

before making our way back to the Ostrich Races
(yes, for real),
we stopped by the reptile booth again to see and pet a different animal:
IMG_7028 IMG_7032 IMG_7033 IMG_7034

and then it was time for the OSTRICH RACES!!!
for real.
there was way too much talking this year between events.
but when the events were actually happening, it was pretty fun!


ostrich races: 

IMG_7053 IMG_7055

kids chasing emus:


chariot races:


kids racing ducks:


zebra races:


more ostrich racing…
that was CRAZY FUNNY when the ostriches decided to spin in circles in an attempt to knock off their jockey:

IMG_7102 IMG_7103 IMG_7104 IMG_7107 IMG_7108

dromidary camel races:

IMG_7115 IMG_7116

and some close ups of the animals….

IMG_7120 IMG_7131

and then we returned to the rides
(i told you,
it was ALL ABOUT the rides this year):


IMG_7153 IMG_8769
(see alex in that photo with me?
the one above?
yeah… she’s crazy!
but she loved it!
she had one short moment of fear
but we pushed past it and she wanted to ride this MULTIPLE times!)

IMG_8768  IMG_8771 IMG_8772 IMG_8773

IMG_7155 IMG_7156 IMG_7167 IMG_7171 IMG_7176

yep. we did the kid swings more than once:

IMG_7186 IMG_7189 IMG_7196

like last year,
we took our own snacks to the venue.
but we didn’t miss out on the good stuff.
samantha enjoyed a corn dog for dinner.
the rest of us (dave included) shared a turkey leg for dinner.
we (minus dave) scarfed down a funnel cake.
and before we left,
we bought a large bag of COTTON CANDY to enjoy on the way home.
well, we enjoyed about half of the bag that day.
we’re still working our way through the rest of it.

i think a wonderful tradition is well underway.
we look forward to this event next year…
with The Woods!


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