deep roots….

so the older two Dunkins look a lot like dave.
and a lot like me.
they’re a pretty amazing blend of the two of us.
the way God designed genetics boggles my mind.

unfortunately for the older two Munchkins,
they take after ME in the dental department.
that means small mouths and big teeth.
a year ago,
on a regular trip to the dentist (our FIRST trip, mind you),
the dentist recommended that davey have SEVERAL teeth pulled no later than summer.
summer 2015.
as in – less than 3 months later.
really, really soon.
and then they recommended that Samantha would need the SAME THING
(aka: lots of teeth pulled) the following summer (2016).
and that didn’t sit well with me.

so it took several months,
but i finally remembered to get a 2nd opinion appointment
(from MY dentist, whom i really trust and respect).
and my dentist (who didn’t charge me for the consult!)
recommended the same thing as the pediatric dentist.
he also recommended an orthodontic consult.
so i finally got that last month.
and he recommended THE SAME THING.


so i gave in.
and i scheduled the Munchkins to get some teeth pulled.
by taking a year to get those two other opinions,
davey ended up losing a few of his teeth.
so instead of needing to have SIX teeth pulled….
he only needed ONE!
this morning, his smile looked like THIS:


but just a few hours later,
he looked like this in the dentist’s chair:


 IMG_8200 IMG_8201

along with getting just ONE tooth pulled,
he also got SEALANTS on all four of his molars.
hopefully he’ll end up with far fewer cavities than his mama!
(this sweet boy didn’t even realize his tooth had been pulled.
he knew the sealants were on.
and he was waiting.
and waiting.
and waiting for his tooth to be pulled.
but they’d already done it.
after the sealants.
silly boy!)

this girl,
didn’t get off so easily.
this morning, her smile looked like this:

and just a few hours later,
it looked like this:
IMG_8223 IMG_8224

those are some LARGE gaps in there!
she had FOUR teeth pulled.
her four canines.
that means one tooth on the top left
one on the top right
one on the bottom left
one on the bottom right.
so combine those FOUR canines that were pulled with the 3 teeth she’s pulled out or lost on her own over the last few months and this girl is missing LOTS of teeth!

IMG_8193 IMG_8194 IMG_8197 IMG_8198

both munchkins were in good spirits this morning.
and when they discovered the movie ALVIN & THE CHIPMUNKS on the tv at the dentist’s office?!
all was well at that point!

but then they each took turns going back to see the dentist.
davey’s visit wasn’t too bad.
samantha’s was a little harder (though she actually went first).
her first two teeth came out easy.
the third one put up a tiny fight.
and the fourth one didn’t want to let go.
she may have shed some tears at the end of her visit.
the staff in the office were so kind and gracious and understanding.
and i would like to say that once her dose of Motrin kicked in….
she was FINE for the rest of the day
(until bedtime when she needed another dose of medicine).

on our way home from the dentist’s office,
we stopped at McDonalds for MILKSHAKES
(chocolate for D and strawberry for S)…
to be eaten with a SPOON and NOT a straw!


along with their milkshakes,
they watched HORTON HEARS A WHO
and about an hour of netflix cartoons.

they found some other things to do later this afternoon:

IMG_8214 IMG_8215

and they even joined us at the table for dinner!
samantha only ate the cheesy potatoes (wise choice!)
but davey was able to eat some salmon, too.
(note: samantha DID have a smoothie this afternoon – with a spoon, not a straw – and it included LOTS of spinach).


these two tackled this day with grace and understanding.
they were brave and gracious.
they were polite and kind.
i love them with ever fiber of my being.

and i really, REALLY wish they had dave’s mouth instead of mine.

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