thankful for so many, many years….

it’s true, my friends.
i’m another year older.
i have more wrinkles.
i have more gray hairs.
(when, oh WHEN will your new space be ready, Bethany?!?!)
i have more aches and pains.
it’s harder to drop the weight when i binge eat something.


but it’s also true that i have an amazing family.
my wonderful husband loves me – wrinkles and all.
my Munchkins proudly call me mommy and still want to hold my hand
(i’ll savor that one as long as it lasts!).
i have friends who mean so much to me.
friends who love me and spoil me and put up with my crazy-self.


i’ve been on this planet for 41 years now (gasp!) and i’m thankful for them all.
there were fun years.
and hard years.
learning years.
growing years.
poor years.
rich-er years.
years of travel.
years at home.
years at working.
years of waiting.
years of wondering.
years of wishing.
years of change.
years of monotony.
and yes, the years of diapers and potty training {insert body-wracking shudder}
and many, many other kinds of years.


and they all helped make me who i am today.
i’m not perfect.
not even close.
i have so many flaws in WHO i am
and in WHAT i do
and in HOW i think and react….
i get “it” WRONG more than i get “it” RIGHT….
but God has been graciously patient, kind, and loving.
He continues to give me opportunity after opportunity to
i wish i would get it all “right” the first time.
but i’m thankful for change.
for growth.
for understanding.
for insight.
for second… and third… and fourth chances.


and i’m thankful for another year to love my family.
to laugh and play and spend time together.
for another year to TRY AGAIN.
to pray more.
to read the Bible more.
to STUDY the Bible more.
to make an impact on the people i meet.
to help others.
to grow and change and thrive and evolve.

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