my crazy family

on sunday night, i was showing the family some very old photos that were on my phone. photos from before the littlest munchkin was born. and we found this gem from February 1, 2010:

feb 1 2010

and Dave got the idea to recreate the photo….


but then the other munchkins wanted to try, too….



and then the first one wanted another turn…


and then the munchkins started to pick up each other:


and then one Munchkin decided to try to pick up the other two:


thankfully, that didn’t end badly.
but as you can see, there were LOTS of smiles.

but then daddy thought it would be a good idea to try to pick up all three Munchkins at once….


it was a wild and crazy and laughter-filled time in our home.
these are the moments i want to remember.
especially when they’re driving me crazy.
especially when we can’t pick up even one of them anymore, let alone two or three.
especially when they don’t want to hang out with us on a sunday evening.
especially…. always.

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