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it was an eventful 7th…

last saturday samantha turned 7.
this was my final photo with my 6-year old….


since we hadn’t discussed gift-opening all together,
samantha actually slept in a bit on saturday (as usual),
instead of being the first one out of bed!

she was quite excited to find a pile of presents on the counter in the morning.
and to find donuts.
she loves donuts.

IMG_5971 IMG_6650 IMG_6652 IMG_6659

after donuts were consumed,
it was present time.
she started with a gift from her big brother.
(he and i had shopped the previous weekend to find something.
he didn’t FIND the gift,
but he CONFIRMED that it was the right thing for her -
after veto’ing a large pile of other alternatives!!).

IMG_6662 IMG_6663 IMG_6665
i think it’s safe to say he knows her style a bit!

then she opened her gift from her sister.
(allow me to insert here that we are VERY thankful for our amazon prime account!)

IMG_6676 IMG_6681 IMG_6682
alex played no part in choosing this gift.
but they were on the birthday wish list.
and they were eligible for prime.
i think the birthday girl was happy!

next up:
she mixed and matched.
she opened one of our gifts:

(it was a full outfit that she chose on line recently but had forgotten about).

then she dug into nana’s gifts….

IMG_6693 IMG_6695 IMG_6696(she has already worn that dress AND that shirt.
nana knows what her granddaughter likes!)

then a card from grandpa & grandma:
IMG_6704 IMG_6705

and her final gift,
(also from dad & mom):


she acknowledged that she didn’t get everything on her wish list.
she did.
but she also acknowledged that she liked what she got.
and she proceeded to spend a few hours playing barbies.
and being a fashionista on paper.
and then it was time for her birthday adventure/party….
ice skating with a friend from school (only 1 of the 2 girls she invited could attend).

before school one morning….

in our home,
our morning routine is usually quite rushed.
like considerably rushed.
we rush out of the garage door and run to get alex to the bus on time.
it’s just our life.
we’re learning to accept it.

but there are those mornings when the routine is altered.
a kid has to stay home sick.
alex doesn’t need to ride the bus.
those kinds of things.

this morning was one of those days.
samantha was sick.
so davey had a few extra minutes before heading to school with the neighbors.
and the bus was scheduled to pick up alex at home instead of at our friend’s house.

that meant i was able to snap a photo of the oldest and the youngest together….


it’s even cuter b/c she’s wearing davey’s shirt.
see, it’s tie dye day at her school.
but she owns zero tie dye.
but davey has this shirt that was supposed to be red.
his class made them for their recent fund raiser.
but the 2.5 boxes of red dye used in the bucket of water did NOT yield a deeper red.
it yielded pink.
the class changed their name to The Erasers.
it worked.
and even the boys were good-natured about the pink shirts.
but i don’t expect many of them to re-wear them.
all that said,
the shirt was JUST what we needed for alex today.
except it’s too big.
enter grey leggings, cowgirl boots, a hair tie, and some ribbon…
and a new outfit was born!


we sent davey across the street to the neighbor’s house:

IMG_6802 IMG_6805

(yes, another neighbor owns a traveling donut food truck.
well, the trailer.
and all the equipment.
but it’s not really a food truck.
i’m not sure why i called it that.
but again…. bunny trail!)

alex was ELATED to have some time to ride her BIKES this morning:

IMG_6809 IMG_6810 IMG_6814

and then she was done….


but i told her she had to put it away….

IMG_6819 IMG_6822

on to the tricycle from the neighbors who moved last march (we miss you, Paynes!):

IMG_6823 IMG_6824 IMG_6825 IMG_6828

but then she was finished with that bike, too:


so she carried it back to the garage, also:

IMG_6841 IMG_6843

and then she returned to the strider bike:

IMG_6844 IMG_6849 IMG_6851

what a goofy girl.

best part of the morning for her?
seeing the bus pull up in front of her house!
she RAN to it!

IMG_6860 IMG_6864

and that was a wonderful start to a typically crazy and rushed morning!

the farm with friends

fall break started off with a fun adventure with friends.
while our breaks didn’t overlap,
we were still able to spend a day with the Woods thanks to their “extra” days off for in-service days. or conferences. or something like that.

while not quite “fall” weather,
we still managed to enjoy some fall activities.
including a visit to the farm!
the kids rode a barrel train,
saw some animals,
petted a few,
rode the see-saw,
pumped water for rubber ducks,
rode some cool pedal cars,
enjoyed another train ride,
slid down TALL slides,
jumped on inflatable pillows,
tested their strength with a sledge hammer….
and got really,
and thirsty!




today is a special someone’s birthday.
today she is no longer 6.
it’s time to change my hashtag for her from #6goingon16 to #7goingon17.
and yet it seems like it was just yesterday that we brought her home from the hospital.

IMG_4978 IMG_4983

she was an angel baby.
in the hospital.
not so much when we got home.
nursing for hours at a time.
hourS plural.

11401354_800619460045089_6080390915850325504_n Easiest birthday party ever! Two friends. One sister. One pool. One pizza. Cupcakes. Ice Cream. ahhhh...! HAPPY 8th, Davey! IMG_0003 IMG_0004 IMG_0009 IMG_0013 IMG_0026 IMG_0049 IMG_0060 IMG_0089





she’s been a strong willed child from day one.
well, perhaps from day two – the day we brought her home from the hospital.
one day that strong-willed streak will be  a blessing.
an immense blessing.

IMG_0110 IMG_0128 IMG_0153 IMG_0178 IMG_0179IMG_0192 IMG_0201 IMG_0267 IMG_0283IMG_0677 IMG_0311 IMG_0345 IMG_0369 IMG_0376 IMG_0381 Back Camera

this girl is sweet,
and so much more.

 IMG_0450 IMG_0508 IMG_0522 IMG_0577 IMG_0587 IMG_0645 IMG_0648 IMG_0660 IMG_0677 IMG_0707 IMG_0738 IMG_0741 IMG_0744

she loves school.
she loves teachers.
she loves people.
she makes friends wherever we go.
she loves life.
she loves adventure.
she loves to try new things.

IMG_0777 IMG_0782 IMG_0784 IMG_0793 IMG_0799 IMG_0812 IMG_0926 IMG_0935 IMG_0956 IMG_0958 IMG_0965 IMG_0974 IMG_1003 IMG_1009 IMG_1041 IMG_1058 IMG_1062 IMG_1074 IMG_1132 - Version 2 IMG_1166 IMG_1169 IMG_1176 IMG_1183 IMG_1189 IMG_1221 IMG_1234 IMG_1276 IMG_1283 IMG_1285 IMG_1305 IMG_1309 IMG_1368 IMG_1414 IMG_1417 IMG_1425 IMG_1508

IMG_1532 IMG_1551 IMG_1558 IMG_1559

she has patiently endured soccer and t-ball.
she excitedly anticipated gymnastics.
and dance-cheer-chant.
and karate.
and soccer skills camp.

IMG_1595 IMG_1597 IMG_1600 IMG_1607 IMG_1640 IMG_1651 IMG_1656 IMG_1661 IMG_1686 IMG_1729 IMG_1736 IMG_1739 IMG_1832

she isn’t perfect (who among us is?).
she can cop a serious attitude.
she can be moody.
she can be stubborn.
she can be nosey.
she thinks she’s in charge.
she thinks she’s the mom.
she doesn’t like to work.
she hates chores that she HAS to do.
but she’s amazing despite those few short comings.

IMG_1841 IMG_1844 IMG_1845 IMG_1859 IMG_1876 IMG_1898 IMG_1916 IMG_1934 IMG_1941 IMG_1972

this girl is a second mom to alex.
alex even calls her “mom” half the time!
she hovers and mothers alex -
and other “littler” kids -
with joy.
she happily jumps up to help when asked.
she has a smile on her face 95% of the time.

IMG_2012 IMG_2016 IMG_2026 IMG_2034 IMG_2063 IMG_2065 IMG_2084 - Version 2 IMG_2117 IMG_2132 IMG_2147

her favorite colors are black, blue and red.
she enjoys gymnastics, soccer, and karate.
she’s about to take a drawing/art/cartooning class.

IMG_2190 IMG_2192 IMG_2227 IMG_2228 IMG_2229 IMG_2235 IMG_2236 IMG_2238 IMG_2241 IMG_2262

she has multiple best friends.
and i LOVE that she is open to being friends with everyone.
she LOVES her family.
immediate and extended.
some of her happiest days are those spent with family members.

IMG_2267 IMG_2270 IMG_2298 IMG_2302 IMG_2307 IMG_2308 IMG_2316 IMG_2330

she loves to go to the park.
she loves to be outside.
she loves to swim.
she loves to ride her bike.
and her scooter.
and her skateboard.
her favorite thing at the park are the monkey bars.
she used to be obsessed with them.

IMG_2378 IMG_2392 IMG_2429 IMG_2443 IMG_2472 IMG_2517 IMG_2529 IMG_2536 IMG_2542 IMG_2588 IMG_2597 IMG_2601

she LOVES to dance.
but she never wants to take dance lessons when i offer.
she enjoys family hikes.
and walks.
and exploring new places.

IMG_2614 IMG_2625 IMG_2653 IMG_2658 IMG_2673-2 IMG_2673 IMG_2683 - Version 2 IMG_2717

she loves to play school.
she’s always the teacher.
and house (which she calls “family”).
she loves to read and is at a 6th grade reading level.
this summer she read ALL of the Ramona Quimby books (by Beverly Cleary).
most recently, she’s enjoyed the Whatever After series.
and some original Babysitter’s Club.

IMG_2736 IMG_2756 IMG_2783 IMG_2784 IMG_2795 IMG_2811 IMG_2813 IMG_2815 IMG_2820 IMG_2822 IMG_2833 IMG_2911

her favorite fast food is Jimmy Johns.
she asks to go there ALL. THE. TIME.
but she also loves Chick-Fil-A and McDonalds.

IMG_2919 IMG_2921 IMG_2931 IMG_2949 IMG_2950 IMG_2994 IMG_2997 IMG_3022 IMG_3033 IMG_3074

she’s the only Munchkin (to date) to have broken a bone (her elbow).
she’s approximately 4’1″ tall and 45 lbs.
she’s wearing size 5-6 and 6-7 (depending on the brand).
her shoe size is 13 and 1 (again, brand dependent).

IMG_3076 IMG_3127 IMG_3151 IMG_3186 IMG_3197 IMG_3225 IMG_3248 IMG_3271 IMG_3293 IMG_3318 IMG_3333 IMG_3345 IMG_3361 IMG_3386

this girl LOVES LOVES LOVES her sister.
and babies.
and toddlers.
i think she’s counting down the days until she can babysit.
i think she wishes she had more younger siblings.

IMG_3402 IMG_3417 IMG_3452 IMG_3469 IMG_3502 IMG_3552 IMG_3553 IMG_3555 IMG_3585 IMG_3648 - Version 2 IMG_3670 IMG_3672 IMG_3677 IMG_3678

i love that she still wants me to help in her class.
i love that she still wants me to eat lunch with her at school.
i love that she still wants to hold my hand.
i love that she still wants hugs and kisses (on her cheeks).

IMG_3683 IMG_3685 - Version 2 IMG_3702 IMG_3704 IMG_3706 IMG_3714 IMG_3717 IMG_3762 IMG_3807 IMG_3836 IMG_3886 IMG_3890

she is currently obsessed with ice skating.
she didn’t really enjoy bowling the one and only time she went.

IMG_3938 IMG_3945 IMG_3961 IMG_3971 IMG_3976 IMG_3981 IMG_4027 IMG_4076 IMG_4152 IMG_4185

she loves to be going…
to be out….
to be moving.
she loves surprises.
she enjoys shopping.

IMG_4191 IMG_4192 IMG_4228 IMG_4261 IMG_4311 IMG_4331 IMG_4343 IMG_4348 IMG_4401 IMG_4446

this girl has focus.

IMG_4479 IMG_4480 IMG_4484 IMG_4486 IMG_4490 IMG_4501

she loves Jesus.
she loves music.

IMG_4513 IMG_4543 IMG_4553 IMG_4580 IMG_4583 IMG_4658 IMG_4757 IMG_4801 IMG_4837 IMG_4838 IMG_4885 IMG_4893 IMG_4908 IMG_4941 IMG_4943

she’s so grown up,
yet still my baby.
she likes high heels.
she likes long dresses.
she likes nightgowns.
she likes jeans.
she likes boots.

IMG_5050 IMG_5075 IMG_5113.JPG IMG_5195 IMG_5211 IMG_5261 IMG_5345 IMG_5420

for her birthday treat in class she asked for Dunkin Donuts.
specifically, she asked for pink, white and brown frosted donuts with sprinkles.
but she wanted a boston cream donut for herself.
i did the best i could.
which was pretty darn close.

IMG_5431 IMG_5443 IMG_5585 IMG_5588 IMG_5594 IMG_5600 IMG_5601 IMG_5648 IMG_5656 IMG_5660 IMG_5661 IMG_5662 IMG_5679 IMG_5683 IMG_5706 IMG_5717

she still loves princesses.
and dolls.
but she’s morphing her interests to the barbie stage.
thankfully they make barbie-sized princesses!
she loves to watch movies and is starting to enjoy non-cartoon movies.
especially if they’re about gymnastics,
or ice skating.
that said, she’ll still (gladly) watch shows with Alex.
shows like octonauts,
word world, and
super why.

IMG_5723 IMG_5729 IMG_5743 IMG_5757 IMG_5819 IMG_5848 IMG_5878 IMG_5888 IMG_5915 IMG_6022 IMG_6050 IMG_6106 IMG_6166 IMG_6211 IMG_6240 IMG_6244 IMG_6282 IMG_6343 IMG_6363 - Version 2 IMG_6426 IMG_6437 IMG_6438 IMG_6444 IMG_6488 IMG_6491 IMG_6509 IMG_6517 IMG_6520 IMG_6525 IMG_6532 IMG_6537 IMG_6538 IMG_6540 IMG_6548 IMG_6608

in school,
she enjoys reading,
and geography.

IMG_6646 IMG_6748 IMG_6754 IMG_6767 IMG_6780 IMG_6804 IMG_6846 IMG_6892 IMG_6907 IMG_6999

she’s a fashionista in her own right.
she knows what she wants and what she doesn’t.
i can’t shop for her without her opinion anymore.
she REALLY LIKES shoes.
she ALWAYS wants to try them on.
especially high heels.
her taste in dresses is VASTLY different from my own.
but i’m trying hard to let her choose her wardrobe pieces.

IMG_7004 IMG_7040 IMG_7042 IMG_7043 IMG_7046 IMG_7142 IMG_7203 IMG_7249 IMG_7256 IMG_7282 IMG_7353 IMG_7408 IMG_7413 IMG_7505 IMG_7510 IMG_7580

IMG_4980 IMG_7592 IMG_7616 IMG_7625 IMG_7626 IMG_7628 IMG_7632

she has an extremely tender heart for the well-being of others.
she doesn’t want anyone to be sick.

IMG_7638 IMG_7707 IMG_7785 IMG_7796 IMG_7824 IMG_7835 IMG_7864 IMG_7883 IMG_7886 IMG_7943 IMG_7960 IMG_7986 IMG_8111 IMG_8122

this sweet girl lost a few more teeth this year.
she flew on an airplane (again!) this year.
she went camping (again!) this year.

IMG_8127 IMG_8180 IMG_8404 IMG_8422 IMG_8762 IMG_8793


everytime i see this photo of samantha and her cousin amity,
i will remember amity’s sweet ballet dance moves,
while samantha sang My Country ‘Tis of Thee,
on the 4th of July
with most of Dave’s family watching.
and i will always remember uncle jeff’s wet eyes afterwards.
it was a sweet
and innocent
display of child-like wonder and entertainment.
and it was perfect.

this girl lives life to the fullest.
very little scares her.
she does struggle with going to bed “on time.”
part of the issue is she’s a night owl.
she needs a kiss on a cheek, a hug, a high ten, two high fives, and music every night.
many nights, though,
she’ll come back downstairs asking for medicine for her leg pains.
or she’ll ask her daddy to rub her leg.


she marches to the beat of her own drum.
i am simultaneously dreading and anticipating her teenage years.
IMG_9882 IMG_9890 IMG_9892 IMG_9924 IMG_9926 IMG_9959 IMG_9982



i think age 6 has treated you well,
sweet samantha.
i know you are eager to be 7.
and i know it will be a great year for you.
but try not to grow up TOO much, please.
at least, not too quickly.
this mommy loves you.
and needs you to stay little for at least another year.
mommy and daddy love you so very much.
we are so thankful that you are in our family.
we pray that you will continue to love Jesus and grow in your knowledge of Him.
continue to strive to do your best – we’ll never ask for more than that.
be diligent and persevere.
laugh and have fun.
run, dance, skip, and play.
enjoy your childhood – what few years remain.
don’t try to grow up so fast that you lose these precious days/years.
and always, always, always remember that SIX was a great year for you!
i love you bunches and bunches!
sweet sammy jj.
- love you, always your mommy

IMG_4978 IMG_4983




fun park days return

i think we’re finally about to enjoy life in arizona again.
it’s been a LOOOOOOOONG summer.
a very loooooooong, hooooooot summer here.
we finally dropped out of the triple digits,
but then we had a few random days here and there that included triple digits again.

you see, it’s fall/autumn everywhere else.
i’m ready for jeans.
and boots.
and scarves.
and cardigans.

but more important than that,
i’d love to be outside with my kiddos.
i’d love to not endure mosquitoes all the time.
i want to enjoy the park.
and hiking.
and bike rides.
and just general life outside.

earlier this week, the weather dropped to the LOW 70s.
for ONE day.
and it was a GLORIOUS day.
i wore jeans.
and boots.
and long sleeves.
and, i repeat, it was glorious!

but the weather has been rising ever since.
again: sigh.
it hasn’t hit triple digits again.
in fact, it hasn’t even hit the 90s again.

since last week was Fall Break for the Munchkins,
that means that THIS week is parent-teacher conference week,
which means HALF DAYS at the end of the week (Th & F).
and with temperatures only in the low to mid 80s….

it was PARK TIME.
but even better?


(violet, davey, luke, lily kate, drew, samantha, reagan).
(not pictured: Kayleigh, Alex, and Sarah)

sarah tolerated life in her stroller for a solid 90 minutes.
and then she wanted to be out and about.
but she can’t walk yet.
so she was “stuck” for awhile!  ;)

the great thing about the little park near our house….
we can SEE MaryAnn’s house from the park.
which means it’s a GREAT place for bathroom visits.
or gathering new things to play with.
like Halloween BINGO:


or crayons:


IMG_6499 IMG_6500



but it’s also a great little park with some fun climbing trees.
sometimes the MOMS will even climb them to get a different angle for a picture!
(or maybe it’s just me.
maybe i’m the only MOM who will climb the tree):



IMG_0928(thanks for the shot, Katie!)


IMG_6502 IMG_6504

TOTALLY worth the climb up the tree.
and yes,
i did almost fall.
and my shoe DID get stuck.
but it was worth it.




 we stayed long enough that ALEX joined us.
her bus driver let her off at the park.
her bus driver rocks.
i ran across the field and “waved her down.”
but still,
she recognized me.
and stopped.
and did it all with a big smile on her face.
thanks, Lisa!

sarah finally escaped for a little jaunt down the slide….



this girl LOVES to play “school” or “teacher:”



IMG_6525the location doesn’t matter.
in fact, i think the more locations, the better.
go ahead and check PLAY TEACHER AT THE PARK off her list!


and THEN we stayed long enough at the park that Kayleigh’s dance class was over and she (and her mama) joined us. Kay was wearing an amazing SPINNING skirt, so we asked for a demonstration:



pretty amazing, huh?!

and after two hours (minus a couple of minutes),
Sarah was DONE in the stroller.
and she was DONE with being on the blanket.
and it was time for Katie & kids to head home.
and the rest of us headed out, as well.

but it was only about 2 hours later that this happened:



and then this:



and then this:



outside playtime is SO. MUCH. FUN.
i’m so thankful for this cooler weather.
and i’m so thankful that we plan to do it again today after school!

my crazy family

on sunday night, i was showing the family some very old photos that were on my phone. photos from before the littlest munchkin was born. and we found this gem from February 1, 2010:

feb 1 2010

and Dave got the idea to recreate the photo….


but then the other munchkins wanted to try, too….



and then the first one wanted another turn…


and then the munchkins started to pick up each other:


and then one Munchkin decided to try to pick up the other two:


thankfully, that didn’t end badly.
but as you can see, there were LOTS of smiles.

but then daddy thought it would be a good idea to try to pick up all three Munchkins at once….


it was a wild and crazy and laughter-filled time in our home.
these are the moments i want to remember.
especially when they’re driving me crazy.
especially when we can’t pick up even one of them anymore, let alone two or three.
especially when they don’t want to hang out with us on a sunday evening.
especially…. always.