washington – day 5 – julie / and the cousins

today i went walking with my friend sara at 7am (30 minutes later than yesterday – wahoo!)
one of these mornings i’ll remember to snap a photo of us….

when i got home, this cutie was awake (D was awake before i left) and we had breakfast together – TWINSIES breakfast!


and after my shower, i did her hair and then she got very, very silly:

IMG_7037 IMG_7040 IMG_7042 IMG_7044

when i left at 9:30 for my morning with julie, alex was being goofy (see above),
davey was playing on grandpa’s tablet:

IMG_7050 IMG_7051

and samantha was still sound asleep:


side note: it’s been REALLY hard to get the kids to bed at a decent hour since it’s SO LIGHT out until pretty late here. most nights they’re in bed around 10 and sleep comes after that. and they wake up at the same time in the morning (between 6&7) – but that’s not a normal wake-up time for samantha. so i’m very, VERY glad she slept in!

julie and i began our adventure at Starbucks and then True Value Hardware. at true value,  she purchased some errand items and i found these:


i KNOW true value is a hardware store, but here in little lynden, they sell other stuff, too. including sunglasses. i usually get LOTS of compliments on the sunglasses i find there. AND the bonus? they’re cheap! these were only $6.99!

from there, we ventured to more interesting stores…. antique and consignment.
we started at The Hen House where i bought some cool little game pieces. The Hen House is in the Dutch Village Mall which has some pretty famous Dutch boy & girl cut outs:


next up was the GRAND OPENING for this place:


where i bought a cute ampersand ornament.

we wandered down the street to an antique store (i can never remember the name of it – it’s been there since before i moved to town in 1999), where i bought some old books and a scrabble game. and as i was checking out, i saw this in a glass cabinet:


that brought back so many memories! i had quite a few of those paper doll play sets. i LOVED them! i think they were a special gift/treat from my gram or maybe my mom bought them for me every once in awhile. i LOVED those things.
paper dolls should make a come-back. they were really cool.

next up was a pit stop at Dutch Mothers Restaurant where i consign my crafts. i took a quick inventory downstairs and then Julie and I tidied up my space upstairs (which always involves moving someone else’s stuff out of my space). for a 5-minute once over, it looks WAAAAY better. i’ll go in later this week and mark some stuff down. and i’ll take some stuff home. and in a month or so i’ll send up another box with more product….


our favorite (for in-town, that is), antique mall was up next.


scrabble tiles of many colors!
there were also BASEBALL shaped/printed tiles.

so if you’re following the pattern, i purchased something in EVERY store we visited up to this point. next up was a consignment store (including antiques) called the Picket Fence. where nothing even called my name – go figure!

after a quick glance through the store, we made our final pit stop here:


a great thrift store that knows it’s worth/value in town (aka: after a couple of years they jacked up their prices but we all still shopped there) and it supports the local Christian school. again, i purchased nothing.

when julie dropped me off, samantha was awake (good thing, because it was after 1pm!) so i had her take a few photos of us – here’s one of them:


it was a good mail day (even though i’m on vacation), because this sparkly, glittery, GOLD gem arrived in the box:


ahhhh… my phone is now quasi protected in a slim case.
it feels good.
and it looks sparkly!

while waiting for the cousins to arrive in the late afternoon, the littlest Munchkin got very goofy again:


(she wore a bib earlier to eat a popsicle.
the bib was covered in grape popsicle.
so she got a clean bib to wear “just because.”
and then she changed it from “I {heart} grandma” to the “I {heart} grandpa” one.
again, just because.

then she finally took that off (it’s quite warm here, for this area of the country, so any extra clothing or heavy bibs like that can make a person REALLY hot) and then stuffed her baby belle doll down her shirt:


she asked me to take a photo of her with her baby.
and she wanted her baby in her shirt.
she really wanted her in her tummy.
but i made the baby’s head poke out so you could see what was there.

and then it was FINALLY 4 o’clock and the Munchkins got to meet THIS guy:

IMG_7100 IMG_7102 IMG_7103 IMG_7104

he’s adorable with amazing eyelashes and cheeks.
and he’s 16 months old.

And before we got to play, the next people arrived….
with flowers from the garden for grandma:


(sweet cousin is 4!)

and then it was time for games, puzzles, toys, books and FUN at grandpa & grandma’s house…. these cousins have never been all together before. it was so much fun!

IMG_7125 IMG_7126 IMG_7127 IMG_7131

alex decided to give her 17-month old cousin some sweet kisses to make him feel more comfortable in the craziness that is 7 adults and 6 kiddos (ages almost 8, 6, almost 5, 4, 17 months, & 16 months).


the boys had a little play time (with a toy i snagged at a garage sale for just ONE DOLLAR 2 or 3 summers ago… apparently it’s the favorite toy of ALL of the cousins. my munchkins have all loved it)!



in this photo, i pointed the camera at davey and he gave me a grin:


in this photo, auntie taryn told him “don’t smile!” -


winner winner!
he couldn’t do it.
he HAD to smile.

we then discovered that it was cooler OUTSIDE than it was INSIDE, so off we went to explore the backyard….

look at this cutie:


yep. her aunties LOVE her…


the last time i saw this guy he was only about a month old:

IMG_4274 IMG_7180 IMG_7182

she wanted to be an airplane over and over and over again.
i’d sit up and she’d push me back down in the grass.
and everyone around us was oblivious.


toy trucks.
the “flip stick.”
stuffed animals.
it was ALL outside:

IMG_7190 IMG_7194 IMG_7213 IMG_7223 IMG_7226

^^^^ yep.
she gave birth to a baby cat.
not sure if was a jaguar or cheetah or leopard, but it was a feline of some variety.

oh yeah – don’t forget some gymnastics activities:


IMG_7240 IMG_7246 - Version 2 IMG_7250 IMG_7256

(welcoming daddy after work is fun!)

then grandpa and grandma got busy making dinner for us all:


so people moved back inside for more play time:

IMG_7266 IMG_7268

… while some sat outside for adult conversation:

IMG_7272 IMG_7279 IMG_7282

and then we ate burgers and dogs and beans and fruit and chips and hummus….
and all SIX grandkids were gathered around the table:


and grandpa & grandma ate inside with them.

and then the wild rumpus of more outdoor, backyard time ensued.
and a small photo op of the two littlest guys turned into this:

IMG_7295 IMG_7323

all six cousins together.
notice which ONE cousin is NOT smiling in either photo.
and which ONE cousin is NOT looking at the camera in one photo.
out of 50 photos, these were the best.
you know how it is.
i’m just disappointed it was my OLDEST who gave me the hardest time.

and then some early birthday/welcome-to-town presents were handed out:

IMG_7335 IMG_7342 IMG_7349 IMG_7353

after finding a bike pump in the garage, this happened for a long time:

IMG_7369 IMG_7376

absolute success!

and one sister-in-law had already left (so sad i forgot to snap a photo of the three of us!), so here’s what you get for now:


and now the house is quiet.
the three munchkins are (mostly) asleep.
the other cousins are staying elsewhere.
but tomorrow…. tomorrow the wild rumpus will resume.
and we will try to corral the six cousins and have some more fun.
family weekend overtime has BEGUN!

(and uncle tom, you are MISSED in many, many ways!)



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