and the oldest… is EIGHT!

how do i even begin?
eight years ago, i thought i had more time.
i had appointments scheduled at work for monday morning.
like, a FULL work day of meetings.
i wasn’t ready to have a baby.
the car seat wasn’t installed yet.
i didn’t have a bag packed.
i hadn’t scheduled my hospital tour yet.


for reals.
i was only 35 weeks and 6 days pregnant when i went to the hospital with AWFUL pain.
pain so bad i couldn’t sit down.
not on a chair.
not on a bed.
not on a couch.
not on a yoga ball.
not even on an open toilet seat.
just THINKING back to this makes me want to cross my legs.

IMG_4980 IMG_4992

you came into this world in your own timing,
my Bug.
and i’m so glad you did.
you made me a mom.
you made us parents.
you filled our heart more than i realized was possible.
you were a delight and a joy.
and a trial and pure exhaustion all rolled into one.

you wanted to be walked.
all the time.
day and night.
mostly at night.
you didn’t want to sleep.
i was exhausted.
daddy was exhausted.
but you were so sweet.
so cute.
so tiny.
and we loved you.
we LOVE you.



but just so you know,
i would do it all over again to have you.
you have brought so much laughter and love into our home.
IMG_0108 IMG_0147

you LOVE jokes.
you love to read them.
to listen to them.
to share them.
to make them up.
(but the ones you make up aren’t really “jokes.”)


you love your parents.
you love your sisters.
you are a GREAT big brother.
you LOVE your grandpa.
you have no personal bubble when you can be next to someone you love and adore.
you love your entire family – aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, nana….
and you would do just about anything for any one of them.

IMG_0180 IMG_0348 IMG_0352IMG_0363

you are loyal.
you are intelligent.
you are logical.
you have the memory of an elephant.
(it’s uncanny, actually!)IMG_0378 Back CameraIMG_0439IMG_0469

you LOVE to read and are amazing at it (4th grade level!!!).
you love school – and we’re thankful for that!
you love science and social studies
along with reading and math.
you love to play with your friends.
but you also like to kick back with a book.
you are relatively easy-going.
you do best with structure and order.
you are ridiculously smart.


you love anything with a screen – TV, movie theater, iPad, iPhone, video games, etc.
you love electronics.
you really ZONE out in front of a screen, though.
i think your mind transports you to a different universe when you’re enjoying screen time.IMG_0677 IMG_0697 IMG_0752 IMG_0775IMG_0782IMG_0796IMG_0838

you are sweet.
IMG_1123IMG_1132 - Version 2IMG_1139

you’re a pretty good problem solver.
you like to think.
you like to be challenged.
you like to work with your brain.

IMG_1163 IMG_1180 IMG_1226IMG_1257

you love to build with Lego blocks.
you love to play board games (current favorites include Monopoly Jr, Rack-O, Trouble, Checkers, Sequence, Life, and others).
you love music.
especially Alternative Rock.
but most of the time you still pronounce is “Alter-native” and in many ways, I wish you would never correct that pronunciation.

IMG_1309 - Version 2 IMG_1316IMG_1359IMG_1381

you’re about to start 3rd grade.
which is the OTHER side of the school.
and a whole new hallway.
why are you growing up so fast?!


you love life but you definitely need your time.
your space.
to process.
to decompress.
to relax.
to re-charge.

IMG_1625 IMG_1626IMG_1652IMG_1658IMG_1661IMG_1667IMG_1680IMG_1686IMG_1798

you’re showing a real love for sports.
especially baseball and basketball.
you like to watch football.
you’re picking up terminology and lingo from kids at school.
and from grandpa.
and it’s so much fun to watch you learn to love something new.
IMG_1812IMG_1861IMG_1916 IMG_1935IMG_1941 - Version 2
IMG_1954i love your laugh.
i love your smile.
you won’t always smile for the camera, but when you do,
they’re great photos!

you know WHAT you want.
you know HOW you want it.
and you make it happen.IMG_2092 - Version 2 IMG_2097IMG_2153

you seem to have fun anywhere.
doing whatever.
you prefer to be inside.
reading or building with Legos.
but you also like to be outside now.
swimming, basketball, baseball, throwing the football, kicking the soccer ball….
we sometimes have to command you to go outside and do something active.
but you really do enjoy it.IMG_2216 IMG_2219IMG_2238IMG_2240IMG_2241
IMG_2284IMG_2328 IMG_2402 IMG_2436

you prefer to take your lunch to school.
you always want a PB&J or a turkey & cheese sandwich.
but this summer you’ve started eating some ham & cheese sandwiches.
you like apples and grapes and strawberries best.
your favorite meals from home are teriyaki chicken or chicken satay w/ peanut sauce.
oops – and salsa verde tacos.

IMG_2530 - Version 2IMG_2563IMG_2630
IMG_2643 IMG_2645 IMG_2663IMG_2667IMG_2681

you LOVE special “davey and daddy” movie dates at the cheap theater.
or at home.
or anywhere.
you just like the movies.
and you love your dad.
you’re eager to see the Avengers: Age of Ultron at the cheap theater with daddy.

IMG_2683 - Version 2IMG_2685

you want to be a Firefighter when you grow up.
and a police officer.
and in the armed forces.
and a pilot.
and an astronaut.
i’m convinced you can do ANY of those things.
more than one, in fact.
though i’m not sure that we’ll ever send HUMANS into space again.


IMG_2911 IMG_2976 IMG_2987IMG_2997IMG_3067IMG_3105 IMG_3107IMG_3108IMG_3142
IMG_3178IMG_3183IMG_3202 IMG_3273 IMG_3302IMG_3324IMG_3345IMG_3364 - Version 2

you’re approximately 3’10″ tall.
you wear size 12 shoes.
your waist is still skinny with 5T being the best fitting shorts for you.
you’re working your way into size 6 shirts.
you still prefer athletic shorts but i still won’t let you wear them to school.
or church.
(i’m such a mean mom.)
you weigh approximately 40 pounds.


you have a great mix of friends.
and i love that you have several friends who like what you like: Lego bricks, math, science, reading…
but i also love that you have friends who introduce you to sports.
and different professional teams.
though i’m not sure i’ve fully forgiven you for rooting for the Denver Broncos in the SuperBowl two years ago.
it’s okay, though. the Seattle Seahawks won.
moms are always right.
just remember that.
or learn it.
and then remember it.
IMG_3910 IMG_3918IMG_3945IMG_3955

you LOVE to make paper airplanes.
and while i want to encourage that,
i really don’t want to keep picking them up off the floor.
off my craft table.
out of my closet.
out of my hair.
my hair.

IMG_4206 IMG_4235IMG_4286

you are so helpful with your sisters.
especially with alex.
you are (mostly) loving, gentle, kind, and patient with her.
and you were so sweet with cousin amity this summer!
IMG_4305 IMG_4317IMG_4332-2IMG_4332 IMG_4371IMG_4532IMG_4553IMG_4578 

IMG_4657IMG_4722 IMG_4894 IMG_4901 IMG_4921IMG_5006
IMG_5321IMG_5360 - Version 2

you’ve been amazing lately at facing your fears.
IMG_5548IMG_5573IMG_5578 IMG_5644 IMG_5738 IMG_5746IMG_5835

you haven’t been writing much this summer,
but when you DO write,
your stories are fun!
please keep writing.
develop your ability to tell a story.
it will come in handy in so many areas of your life.
IMG_5970IMG_6035IMG_6046 IMG_6049 IMG_6112 IMG_6131IMG_6160IMG_6198
IMG_6552 IMG_6557IMG_6570IMG_6579

one day, your sensitive heart will be an asset and a strength.

IMG_7314IMG_7345IMG_7354 - Version 2IMG_7434

IMG_7827 IMG_7880IMG_7897

it has been so much fun to watch you this past year.
to see life through YOUR eyes.
to watch you learn how to do something new.
to watch you figure out how to problem solve.
to see the light in your eyes when something “CLICKS.”

IMG_7987IMG_8007IMG_8033IMG_8039IMG_8095 IMG_8121 IMG_8136 IMG_8176 IMG_8275IMG_8307
IMG_8371IMG_8397IMG_8458 IMG_8507IMG_8538IMG_8601 IMG_8613 IMG_8622IMG_8635IMG_8657IMG_8731IMG_8762 IMG_8804 IMG_8826 IMG_8879IMG_8912
IMG_8932IMG_8938IMG_9013IMG_9043IMG_9049 IMG_9103IMG_9110 IMG_9119 IMG_9142IMG_9170IMG_9212

i wouldn’t be surprised if you became an evangelist.
your current lunchtime prayer includes a request for everyone we know to repent.
your heart for God is an amazing thing.
don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
you listen to the truth.
you read the Word of God.
you grow in your knowledge of Him.
you grow in your love for Him.
you let HIM be your guide.

IMG_9413IMG_9422IMG_9468 - Version 3IMG_9471
IMG_9978i1035 FW1.1

you were the perfect way to grow our family.
from two. to three.
you’re my first baby.
my only son.
so grown up.
and yet still so young.
it’s hard to believe that day was already eight years ago.
i love you more than you can imagine, my Bug.
and i will love you forever.
i will rejoice in your triumphs.
and i will mourn in your defeats.
i will encourage you.
i will push you.
i will love you unconditionally through it all.
you are my son.
my only son.
and i love you.
don’t ever forget that!

happy, HAPPY birthday to the most amazing EIGHT-year old i know!
may this year surpass your wildest dreams as you continue to grow.
and learn.
and improve.
and stretch yourself.










































































































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