washington day 3

day 3 was another hot day for the record books… but we found ways to enjoy the weather (which is cool for us!) and enjoy some family time even though daddy was at work today.

the morning started without daddy but with grandpa & video games:

IMG_6557 IMG_6558

…and with stories with grandma:


… and puzzle finishing for this mom:


… and building with jenga blocks for this girl:

IMG_6562 IMG_6565

when we i finally got my act together, we packed a quick and easy picnic lunch and headed out through the garage where i found this:

IMG_6570 IMG_6574

it’s evidence that the kiddos were playing in grandpa’s workshop!
but in a very precise, size and rainbow color order!

we all (minus Dave) loaded into the borrowed Lexus and hit the road…

IMG_4205 IMG_4204

at our destination we enjoyed a picnic lunch:

IMG_6575 IMG_6579 IMG_4208

followed by some playground fun:

IMG_6580 IMG_6598

followed by a walk to the water…


Whatcom Falls, to be exact:


IMG_6603 IMG_6604 IMG_6607 IMG_6608

and it was there that i was reminded of what it’s like to live with LOTS of rain.
in a place that’s the opposite of a desert.
in a place where the trees are so tall, sometimes the sun doesn’t reach the ground:


but on days like today, the sun found it’s way (in places) to kiss the ground:

IMG_6613 IMG_6618

(^^^  ”wait fah me, gwampa!!”)

we watched some people (and a golden retriever) swim in the water:


…before we continued our journey (“hike” is too strenuous a word for this)…

IMG_6625 IMG_6631 IMG_6635

^^^ i loved the texture and detail in the bark… and the moss:


while alex and i slowly meandered behind everyone else, we crossed paths with a little creature – can you see him?


there he is:


oh! alex got too close! he ran across the path:


yep. we befriended a little squirrel.
i was actually surprised he let us get so close.
he was either burying something in that little “field” area or he was digging it up.

while waiting for us, the rest of the family stopped at a fallen tree.

IMG_6646 IMG_6647 IMG_6649

(it was a big tree!)IMG_6651 IMG_6652

after samantha and davey walked on it like a balance beam, alex wanted a turn, too.
honestly, i was quite surprised that she walked on the log.
and that she stood still (and smiled) for some photos.
every day she seems to be doing SOMETHING  to surprise me.
i love the way she’s tackling life these days!

IMG_6660 IMG_6665 IMG_6668

check out all the ferns on the ground behind them:


we don’t have plants like that back in arizona!
(just curious: does it make anyone else want to read Where the Red Fern Grows?)

i loved this photo:


but dave just said, “a pinecone?”
guess that’s why photography is SOOOOO subjective – like other forms of art!

seriously, though, the trees here are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TALL:

IMG_6684 IMG_6685

look what i found:

can you see it?
here’s a closer shot:


someone is probably really sad that they lost their basketball.
i’m assuming there’s a trail on that OTHER side of the water.
but i’ve never been over there.
i’m guessing that ball will not be rescued.

and even though this is super washed out, i wanted to see the falls in the background….
we did it…. we walked full circle and made it back to the bridge where we started.
even alex!
she did complain a bit.
and in the end, she did get a piggy back ride.
but our short walk (less than 1/2 a mile) was a fun adventure anyway!


the munchkins didn’t care much for the falls.
they weren’t impressed, i guess.
but on the OTHER side of the bridge from the falls is this:

…a giant “slide” (not for people).

at the same park, there’s a fish hatchery:

IMG_6716 IMG_6711

and then we got out of the sun and into the shade at the little playground to cool off:

IMG_4211 IMG_4210

before heading home, since we were “in town,” we stopped at Dollar Tree and then made our way home for an afternoon ice cream treat:

IMG_4213 IMG_4214

(^^^ that WAS an ice cream sandwich. she likes to “deconstruct” her food.)

when we got home, grandpa & grandma had a window a/c unit waiting for them (a loaner from some friends from church – THANKS, BERGS!!) so most of the family congregated in the kitchen/eating area to play games:

IMG_6717 IMG_6718

…and play with stickers (from Dollar Tree):


…and paint toenails:

IMG_6722 IMG_6723

…and play more games…


and then the girls finally moved to the formal dining room to assemble a new puzzle:

IMG_6728 IMG_20150629_163834

and then i guess grandpa got too chilly in the a/c so he moved to the living room to read:


…but then he got interrupted with multiple requests from the littlest munchkin “will you pwease wead me a stowy, grampa?” so instead of reading his OWN story, he read hers:


after dinner in the VERY a/c’ed kitchen area, we headed outside (it had cooled off quite a bit) to enjoy the weather and davey’s new treasure: a plastic bat & ball…

IMG_6758 IMG_6760 IMG_6762 IMG_6764 IMG_6774 IMG_6775 IMG_6780 IMG_6786 IMG_6791 IMG_6794 IMG_6796 IMG_6801 IMG_6803 IMG_6805 IMG_6807 IMG_6828 IMG_6830 IMG_6831 IMG_6832 IMG_6835 IMG_6836 IMG_6837 IMG_6846 IMG_6863 IMG_6864 IMG_6872

as you saw, the munchkins and grown ups had a LOT of fun with that bat & ball.

it’s a good thing, too, because they both got destroyed during this rousing game of baseball:

bat and ball

a certain munchkin convinced her daddy to let her have an ice cream bar (two ice cream treats in one day?! seriously?!):


i LOVE that she’s standing on her TIPPY TOES ^^^ to eat her ice cream bar.

we had to head in pretty quickly to Skype with son/brother/uncle Tom:

IMG_6914 IMG_6918

alex gave him plenty of kisses ^^^^

and snuggles:IMG_6919 IMG_6924

and after our almost-hour-long conversation (it was SOOOO good to see you, tom!), we enjoyed the front deck:


and a partial family (davey, grandpa & grandma stayed behind) walk around the big block.

yet another terrific day for this vacation.




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