Washington Day 1

we did it!
it wasn’t a “last minute decision” but it wasn’t planned far in advance, either…
but no matter the planning involved (or not) for this adventure,
we’re here.

yesterday morning alex helped me finish packing:

(she pulled out clothes for daddy:
about 12 shirts
10 pairs of underwear
1 pair of jeans.
i re-packed after she went downstairs.)


dave busied himself with some more yard work.
and changing the thermostats.
and dropping off keys with friends (via a pitstop at Starbucks).

and then we both brought in the inflatable pool toys.
i also found a visitor in the pool.
i thought he was dead at first.
and then i saw him moving his legs.
so i rescued him.
he’s much bigger than what i’m used to seeing on our walls(fences):

IMG_4129 IMG_4130


after all the errands and packing and cleaning and rescuing….
this happened:


that is the FIVE of us at the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport.

and this is us walking out to and boarding our plane:


i love the smaller airport.
the walk outside to get on and off the plane.
the slower pace.
the relaxed vibe.

during the three hour flight, there were more group shots:  IMG_4138

this one took good care of her baby doll:


until she started dropping her on the floor on purpose.

this guy and i had a good time:



the two older kids did some reading:

IMG_4152 IMG_4161

and daddy did something computer related:


this one had her moments:
IMG_4153 IMG_4154 IMG_4156

she was cute and cuddly one minute.
and a crazy, non-listening Munchkin the next.
it was a long three hours with her next to me.

the views were pretty:


but this view:

that’s Mount Baker.
it’s pretty big.
and it’s covered in snow.
and it’s beautiful.
and it’s a symbol of “home” for us.
(even though home is now the east valley of phoenix instead of washington).

but our adventures on the plane weren’t over yet.
the littlest Munchkin got brave and became good friends with a sweet lap dog (that never made a peep – or a bark, yip, or yap – on the plane).


after de-planing and gathering our bags, we found dad with our friend’s 8-seater Lexus:


and we headed to our final destination:


the Munchkins love to be outside in the cooler air.
the greener grass.
they like to explore the plants.
and the vegetable garden.

IMG_6401 IMG_6402 IMG_6409

they check out grandpa’s wood shop (aka: the garage).
they just make themselves right at home.
they know where the toys and books are stored, so those end up strewn across the living room floor within minutes of entry into the house.

and it’s all worth it.

it was fun to give dad his belated birthday present and belated father’s day presents:



(^^^ Sam made a card/picture).


and we found a great book just right for grandpa!


the munchkins all signed it (even alex):


and davey read it aloud:


i think samantha will read it aloud tomorrow.

it feels good to be here.
hooray for family vacations.


One thought on “Washington Day 1

  1. Great start! I have to say I’m glad I didn’t experience the large lizard while swimming there last week! Eeeeek!

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