after enjoying some underwater photos of my Munchkins last year (taken by a friend), i started stalking amazon so i could buy my own Lifeproof phone case.
i think i finally ordered it in october (after pool season!) because the price dropped to $45.
THIS is the case i have.

it’s pretty fantastic.

but i’m still learning how to use it.

i’ve had LOTS of photos i’ve had to delete.

but i’ve also had some real winners:

IMG_3598 IMG_3601 IMG_3622 IMG_3667

^^^ that’s grace, a dear family friend

¬†all those bubbles below are henry, from the recent 6-post series “The Dycks Visit”:

IMG_3714 IMG_3764

^^^ that’s another photo of Henry.

and so is this one:


i knew i wanted my eyes open, so i borrowed davey’s goggles:

IMG_3784 IMG_3790

i love these of davey.
he jumped in the water and then swam toward me in the shallow end:

IMG_3794 IMG_3795

and jorja (also of “The Dycks Visit” series) just loves to be goofy:


all in all, i’d say the Lifeproof case is pretty cool.
i DID do the test it recommends.
(put a tissue inside the case. close it. submerge it in water for 24 hours.)
but it’s still pretty unnerving to put your hundreds-of-dollars-phone underwater.
on purpose.
because…. well, there’s always the possibility the case isn’t fully sealed….

i’m excited to see what other fun underwater photos i capture this summer!

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