twelve days ago….

life happens at the speed of sound these days, i feel.

and i know this because 5 days with one of my dearest friends on this planet just passed by in the blink of an eye. despite the fact that those 5 days included 7 kids, 2 spouses, and the 2 of us.

so i guess it’s not TOO crazy that what happened just 12 days ago with another very, very dear friend, feels like it was already a lifetime ago.

so twelve days ago was a friday. and it was almost the end of vacation week for my very dear friend, Julie. she and her family (husband, children, parents, and her brother & his family) were vacationing just 11 miles straight north from my home. they arrived on monday. on thursday, i got to spend some time in the morning shopping with julie and her sister in law (we took ZERO photos!?!?) and then another hour in the afternoon with julie and her girls at Charming Charlie…

charming charlie

that day was fantastic (seriously – a bestie + shopping = one of my dream days!).

but it was over all too quickly.

even our shopping adventure at Charming Charlie (the most amazing accessories store on the planet!) with the girls only lasted an hour (i’ve spent MUCH longer in that store with one other adult…).

thankfully, her vacation wasn’t over and we had ONE MORE fun thing planned.

but before fun with the Ball Family, the Munchkins enjoyed their final day at VBS:

IMG_3552 IMG_3553

and after lunch AND rest time, we stopped for a brand-new-to-us special treat (milkshakes made from fresh ice cream made from ingredients from a local farm):


and THEN it was time to SWIM at the company house with our dear friends, the Balls!

IMG_3556 IMG_3563

this rock feature is SUPER fun and always elicits cannon balls, dives, crazy jumps & more:

IMG_5317 IMG_5318

those lashes:


miss sarah – now a senior in high school:

IMG_5324 IMG_5325 IMG_5326

samantha ADORES sarah:

11401354_800619460045089_6080390915850325504_n IMG_5328

the slide on the rock feature is fun, too.

but at the bottom it twists you “just enough” to make it a little uncomfortable:

IMG_5333 IMG_5341

Miss Elise here is going into 4th grade:


Miss Becca has changed the most since i last saw these beautiful girls. she’s grown SO TALL:


and this capture was one of julie’s favorites from my camera…. her parents:


(side note: Teacher Leslie ^^^^ runs an in-home pre school. Davey attended it for 1/2 a year before we moved to Arizona. He LOVED it. and he CLAIMS he remembers her!)

this little one wanted to hold EVERY. SINGLE. TOY:

IMG_5357 IMG_5365 IMG_5366 IMG_5368 IMG_5370

this guy here, Ed, is the lone male in the Ball house:


… and it doesn’t bother him. he LOVES his wife. he LOVES his girls. he works hard to support them and to provide for them. he pitches in at home. he listens. he cares. he’s the perfect man to have FOUR beautiful daughters.

(bonus: and he will scare the pants off any guy who tries to date any of them!)

the littlest Munchkin got brave and wanted to climb the rocks and slide down the slide.

and then she wasn’t so brave.

but mommy “encouraged” the sliding part and she LOVED it!

IMG_5375 IMG_5378

(no wonder she loved it – it turns out i held her up out of the water.




dave was even able to join us after work for some fun pool time:


we enjoyed a yummy dinner together.

followed by a pinterest worthy dessert.
(i got the recipe from pinterest and it wasn’t a FAIL. well, it was.
but then i scraped off the part i burned and tried to “fix” it and it was edible.
so at least there’s hope to really make it a Pinterest success next time.)

but i forgot to take a photo of the FAIL and the minor SUCCESS.

but take it from me. it was good.
(it was THIS recipe)

and then it was time to leave.

again, a few hours passed by in the blink of an eye.

time needs to SLOW. DOWN.




this is what the Ball girls and the Munchkins look like when they get together (after swimming):


i love that they’ll smile for the camera on command.
(we’ve trained them well, Julie).

i also love that they’ll do this without a thought or concern about looking goofy, crazy and weird on a blog:


then again, look at the women that is rearing them:



love you, julie!

come back soon!
(and i know that “soon” means in a year or two….
i guess this is one time when i DO want time to fly by!)

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