The Dycks Visit: Day TWO

Don’t hate me… I’m finally going to blog again and it’s going to be a daily update about our visit with our friends…. exciting to pretty much no one but our families. But it’s my blog so I get to do it anyway, right?!


So last night was an interesting night. The kiddos (remember, all SEVEN of them) were sharing rooms (the three boys together in Davey’s room, Sam & Jorja in Samantha’s room and Alex & Abby in Alex’s room) so bedtime last night was a bit insane. In fact, the two older girls walked downstairs at MIDNIGHT to tell “Auntie Carrilee” that they weren’t asleep yet (or something like that). And all the kiddos were wide awake before 7am.


i’m serious.

these kiddos are CRAZY!

apparently albert (just turned 4) made a card for alex (almost 5) this morning:


and i snapped a few photos as the kiddos played outside (when it was only 91*):

IMG_5426 IMG_5427 IMG_5428


there was also some fun trampoline time:


the dads somehow managed to walk out the door with ZERO kiddos while they went to check out something work-related for Tim and then dave’s office and enjoy a quiet, kid-free lunch (ahhhh… i miss those days!)…. but alex made sure to enjoy time with Mr. Tim before he left:


(she really is a nut!)

but since it was only 8:30am, Carrilee and I just weren’t up to the pool quite yet (despite already being asked more than 100 times if it was time to swim yet!)…. so we took the kids on a walk to the Munchkins’ school:


and yes, it was hot (it was probably up to 92* or 93* by then). and yes the kids drank ALL the water that the mommies packed for themselves. and yes, there was complaining. but it was that short break the mommies needed before it was time to venture back to the water….

IMG_3844 IMG_3846

we had an OUT of the pool snack around 10:30 and the kiddos all got dressed and gave themselves a break from the water (who knew they would do that?!). there was lots of Lego time: 

and looking through old photo albums:




(haha! check out Uncle Tom in that ^^^^ photo!!! Alex had NO IDEA who that was)!

the girls were upstairs playing with barbies and whatever other “girlie” things they could invent….


and then it was lunchtime!

and then the dads came home and took the kids into the pool!

and then i took a nap.

for real.

two nights in a row, staying up after midnight made for a tired, old lady.

so i took a nap in the family room.

on the couch.

for at least 90 minutes.


and then i agreed to watch the older kiddos swim for a little bit before dinner.

IMG_5509 IMG_5510 IMG_5511

and that’s when our gate decided to lock several of us INSIDE the pool area.

no joke.

the darn thing is still broken.

and the fence company is closed for the weekend.

so is the manufacturer.


so dave had to use his dremel and saw it off. or open. or something.

and now we’re using a bungee cord to hold the gate closed.

this could be expensive.

deep sigh.

but all that to say, for a short while, we needed a new way in and out of the pool area: 

a metal ladder. got any better ideas?

but then we recovered from that crazy and unexpected issue and drove to downtown Gilbert for a kid-friendly dinner at Joe’s Real BBQ. i loved this photo of Mr. Tim holding hands with Jorja (left) and Alex (right)…. it seems he’s accrued a new sidekick (our littlest!):


and while you can’t see everyone well, you CAN see everyone in this photo…. all ELEVEN of us:


IMG_3851 IMG_3852

and as a “special surprise” we walked over to the water tower splash pad and the kids went crazy.


they were all drenched and we hadn’t planned it, so no one was wearing a swim suit and there were no towels to be found among us…. but it was so fun to watch all of them – even alex and abby!

IMG_3858 IMG_3860 IMG_3862 IMG_3865 IMG_3868 IMG_3871


and then a quick stop at the spinning ball….


before heading home for baths and painted toe nails (for the girls)
IMG_5519 IMG_5521

and a show (Phineas & Ferb for ALL):



(while the daddies talked):


before we sent the kiddos to bed MUCH earlier than last night, including enforcing a “no talking after 9:30pm” rule. We’ll see how that goes, though most of them have already crashed!

and that, my friends, includes the fun adventures of day two!







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