The Dycks Visit – Day THREE

can you handle it? day THREE was FUN!

the kiddos (remember, all SEVEN of them), slept


last night.

there were no midnight wanderings.

no late night chats.

i think most of the kiddos were out cold before 10pm!

after some morning photos around the house….

IMG_5531 IMG_5533 IMG_5535 IMG_5538

(alex thinks Mr. Tim is her personal jungle gym. ^^^^^  she loves to sit on his lap. and play with his hair. and climb on him. she is frequently heard saying things like “two daddies!”)

IMG_5540 IMG_5541 IMG_5542 IMG_5545


(it’s not all fun and games on vacation. ^^^^^ when you struggle to obey, there are still consequences. for one kiddo, this means writing math facts.)

IMG_5546 IMG_5547

(those freckles ^^^^^^ kill me (in a good way).




Then after an INTERMINABLE wait (in Jorja’s world), the mommies and oldest girls were ready to enjoy a shopping adventure (samantha had her heart SET on a 4-way best friend necklace she saw at Childrens’ Place a few months ago – one heart for each mommy and one for Jorja and one for Sam).

But before we could leave, we had to write down some instructions for Tim…..

he’s a good dad. but he pretends he can’t do anything.

especially when it comes to the kiddos.

but he can totally handle it.

(his name is at the beginning of each “to do” item, but that just meant it was HIS responsibility to make sure that happened with the remaining kiddos. when i re-read it later, it made me chuckle b/c it reads more like a to-do checklist for himself!)

and after Tim received his “instructions,”

he agreed to a home workout with two of the Munchkins:

IMG_5563 IMG_5564 IMG_5570 IMG_5572 IMG_5581 IMG_5593 IMG_5599

(^^^^^ she is SOOOOO happy to be hanging upside-down!)

And THEN it was FINALLY time to get in the car and head out….




repeat: the MALL

two mommies and two 6-year olds.

first we stopped at the apple store to check on carrilee’s phone, but the line was too long, so we left before she could ask anyone. the girls didn’t mind the wait, though:


and then, in an attempt to see ALL of our possible “best friend necklace” options, we started at Charming Charlie (it’s like Claire’s or Afterthoughts on crack & steroids… it’s about 10x larger than those stores, it’s for grown ups and it’s organized by color. it’s a happy place for me. but they do have a small kids’ section…..

there were no best friend necklaces, but we DID find this amazingly LARGE display of animal purses that were on clearance:

IMG_5608 IMG_5610 IMG_5612

(this “J” pillow was NOT purchased - hopefully i will get back there SOON to snag that as Jorja’s birthday gift)


(she paid for her puppy purse with her own money!)

some of us enjoyed some tea samples at San Tan Mall:


as we walked to Childrens Place (which did NOT have the 4-way best friend necklace anymore)….

so we headed to Claire’s to find a better option…



the girls agreed on a set of BEST FRIENDS lockets.

IMG_3886 IMG_5636 IMG_5651

and then, even though our “mission” was accomplished, this mommy likes to shop so a quick trip to Macy’s led to this scene:


along with new FROZEN themed t-shirts (matching, of course!) for the girls.

The shirts were on clearance for $9.

They were an additional 60% off.

They rang up at $6.40.

That’s NOT 60% off.

So I quickly walked to the OPPOSITE corner of mace’s to take a photo of the sale sign:


and then we had to go find a new cashier b/c ours disappeared.

and even though it took awhile for her to figure out HOW to change the computer system, the new cashier got it right. and the shirts were $3.60 each.

never underestimate my shopping prowess.


and even though the girls were pretty much


by this point,

they DID rally for a stop at the Disney store.

IMG_5658 IMG_5661

Samantha used her own money to buy a pair of wedge princess flip flops and (somehow) i didn’t take a photo of them. but they’re pink (of course).

the mommies were pretty hangry (!) by this point, so a quick lunch was in order….

Chick-fil-A to the rescue!

IMG_3884 IMG_3883

(^^^^ yes, i know, that skirt is MIGHTY short as she poses on the top of a slide tube)

after lunch, we needed a quick stop at Dollar Tree (for a new coin pouch to go inside Jorja’s puppy purse) and then we went home to see the men, the boys, the little girls and the pool!

Sometime while we were gone, Alex drew a triangle:


and she told daddy that she wanted Mrs. Andrea (one of her pre school teachers) to see her triangle. So Dave forwarded the photo to me and I forwarded it to her. She responded almost immediately:

“Wow. That’s awesome. Check out those diagonals!! Give her a hug for me.”

(and THAT, my friends, is another reason why I LOVE LOVE LOVE Alex’s teachers…. they are no longer her teachers but they still love her, encourage her, and celebrate her accomplishments!)

after several hours of RELAXING swim time, we headed out for dinner (i forgot to thaw pork tenderloin for dinner tonight…. and then when i checked the freezer, i discovered that i don’t even HAVE any pork tenderloin! oops – so much for my meal planning!)

so dinner was at In-n-Out.

and even though today’s high was 111*,

we ate outside.

not because we really wanted to.

but because there was no place for ELEVEN people to eat dinner INSIDE….

IMG_5665 IMG_5667 IMG_5671

(my new “mission” for this visit is to get a GOOD photo of this stinker ^^^^^ who will not sit still long enough for me to snap a non-blurry photo of him where he LOOKS at the camera!)

IMG_5672 IMG_5673 IMG_5675 IMG_5676

(one of my most favorite-EVER photos of Henry, who is now NINE years old – ACK!!!)

IMG_5682 IMG_5685 IMG_5686

(those lashes ^^^^^  - um, yeah)

IMG_5691 IMG_5695 IMG_5699 IMG_5712

it ended up being great that we ate outside.

when the kiddos were finished with their dinner,

they were able to play and not disturb other diners:

IMG_5723 IMG_5725 IMG_5729

my hashtag for ^^^^^ is so accurate at #6goingon16, don’t you think?!

mini skirt,

high wedge flip flops (with sparkles),

and that stance?!

i am already praying for our relationship as she ages. i have a feeling there will be some battles. and i will have to start choosing which ones to fight and which ones to let go.

and since we’re running out of time and we haven’t enjoyed any “special treats” yet, we headed to Freddy’s for FROZEN CUSTARD (don’t dare call it “ice cream” in our house!)… and some of the best french fries in the world:


(they’re my favorite).

IMG_5733 IMG_5734 IMG_5735 IMG_5738 IMG_3890

and (as if that wasn’t enough for one day), when we got home, most of the kiddos spent a little bit of time playing outside (it was only100* by then):

IMG_5746 IMG_5751 IMG_5754 IMG_5755 IMG_5764 IMG_5771 IMG_5780 IMG_5795

and that, my friends, brings day #3 to a close.

no pool pictures, but every now-and-then a day “off” those is a relief.

(and in case you’re wondering, dave ended up CUTTING the pool gate latch so we can open and close the gate to access the pool. which means we now have to pay closer attention if any kids are playing in the grassy area of the back yard. because they can ALL access the pool area with a little tug on the gate.)

i wonder what tomorrow will hold…. then again,

tomorrow is FATHER’S DAY,

so i’m sure there will be plenty of photo-worthy moments!!!


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  1. Sweet, sweet, sweet AND another testimony to answer the question, “how can anyone be unhappy at the mall?”.

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