The Dycks Visit – Day FOUR

day four was Sunday.

and it was also FATHER’S DAY!

Dave and I served in the 2-year olds class at church, so our friends were “on their own” for the service.

(as a side note, samantha spelled out emily’s name in the blocks the kiddos love to use:


we are SO THANKFUL to be on rotation serving with Omri and Emily… today was a rough day in the 2s class, but i think all four of us were able to laugh and find some moments of joy in the midst of crying children!  :)

Carrilee said she really liked our church and she snapped this photo which touched my heart….


after church, we stopped at el rancho market in chandler for some pollo asado. i sent carrilee and the kiddos to check out the giant parking lot grill


and while that happened, miss abby and i played peek-a-boo through the gap in the headrest and the seat back:


and then we drove home with THIS:

every time we buy it i’m super tempted to break into the bag and chow down on the drive home. we got two chickens this week to feed the eleven of us. it was enough. i love that pollo asado and their fresh corn tortillas.

after lunch, the dads opened their cards and gifts:

IMG_5804 IMG_5809 IMG_5824

IMG_5835 IMG_5849 IMG_5852 IMG_5860

before some people ventured out to the pool for the afternoon:


the kiddos have been pretty good about “self-imposing” breaks from the pool (they get tired of swimming and head inside for some other play time). today’s inside play turned into a huge endeavor by multiple children…. Big Joe’s Restaurant was opened and enjoyed by many:


and before we knew it, it was time for dinner. the men took a quick trip to Fresh & Easy to pick up some pre-marinated meat while i roasted some potatoes and steamed some broccoli:

IMG_5862 IMG_5863 IMG_3903

after dinner, it was time to venture out (yes, it’s still WELL over 100* and Tim does NOT like the heat), for an obligatory family photo with a cactus:

IMG_5885 IMG_5936

it wasn’t too bad at the Riparian Preserve. it was still hot (102* according to my phone) but there was a slight breeze and the sun was going down so even though it was hot, it wasn’t abominable. we enjoyed venturing around the preserve…. and i was surprised at ALL THE BUNNIES. we’re used to seeing bunnies/rabbits at Veteran’s Oasis park, but we’ve never before seen them at this place. and they were everywhere.



all those “dots” in the grass are rabbits -you can see SIX in this photo with the boys!)

i also saw a LOT of birds’ nests today:


the kiddos loved getting out and RUNNING around. these walls were pretty fun:

IMG_5954 IMG_5957 IMG_3904 IMG_5961 IMG_5962 IMG_5968

(^^^ this girl LOVES to chase animals. LOVES. she really wanted to catch a bunny. poor thing. guess we should head to south carolina to visit my cousin Rebecca!)

IMG_5978 IMG_5986

(^^^ mission accomplished! i got a GOOD smile of this kiddo!)


(see, ^^^ still running to catch bunnies!)

IMG_5995 IMG_5997

(or ducks)

IMG_6003 IMG_6013 IMG_3905

(guess those ducks were HUNGRY! too bad we didn’t have any food!)

this girl has LOVED having another “wee one” in the house. she’s been helpful with abby and tonight, when abby wanted to hold her hand, this happened….

IMG_6016 IMG_6019 IMG_6022 IMG_6030

melt. my. heart.

#6goingon16 isn’t always a bad thing.

we also found this guy tonight:


yep. a big fat bullfrog.

IMG_6038 IMG_6043 IMG_6047 IMG_6053 IMG_6056 IMG_6059 IMG_6065

after getting out the wiggles, it was time to end the day with a nice, cold treat…. Rita’s Italian Ice for everyone (except Tim who had a chocolate milkshake made with custard from Rita’s).

IMG_6070 IMG_6074 IMG_6075 IMG_6078 IMG_6082

and that, my friends, made for a very full and very fun day.

tomorrow is our last full day together…. i guarantee there will be more swimming!




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