set them free… on a REALLY windy day…

as you may have guessed based on davey’s class field trip to Butterfly Wonderland, his class just spent a few weeks learning about butterflies. this included watching watching butterflies emerge from their chrysalis AND then setting them free. Mrs H invited me to school to take photos of the “release.” which HAPPENED to occur on one of the WINDIEST days of the year!

IMG_0272 IMG_0285 IMG_0502 IMG_0316 IMG_0323 IMG_0327 IMG_0341 IMG_0344 IMG_0345 IMG_0357 IMG_0360 IMG_0364 IMG_0369 IMG_0454 IMG_0459 IMG_0542

it was a really FUN experience for the 2nd graders and I enjoyed it, too! i’m hoping this event is a “repeat performance” next year when Samantha is blessed to have Mrs. H as her teacher!

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