over two months ago….

i’m not usually a fan of “going backwards” here on the blog, but sometimes it’s necessary (especially when i’ve taken a long hiatus on posting/sharing). so as we try to stay current here, we’ll also move backwards in no particular order.

so back in january, i hit a major milestone that i don’t really like admitting but i face everyday i go to the gym (i enter my age AND weight on the machine i’m using to get a more accurate “count” on calories burned)… i turned 40.


over the hill.

the big 4-0.

the “my-life-is-over-because-i’m-so-old” birthday.

my family and friends were kind.

there was NOTHING black anywhere.

no cards.

no toilet paper.

no paper plates.

no snarky napkins.


but that doesn’t change the reality that i AM 40!


but i digress.

my ACTUAL birthday was spent with my immediate family and dave’s parents who were in town for a visit.

we went to the zoo (along with every other person in the east valley because it was also a Monday holiday – martin luther king day). we had already enjoyed my “requested” birthday meal a few days earlier b/c i wanted dave to smoke some meat so for my birthday meal we enjoyed thai food (made by dave) and a cake (made by betty crocker and me) and some freddy’s frozen custard.


my son spent his allowance for the rest of his life to get me a $5,000 gift card to Walmart:


my in-laws gave me some money (which i spent on new shirts for spring/summer before they even left town!) and my mom sent me a two-toned garnet (my birthstone) necklace that she picked up in Burma (yes, the country) last spring/summer.


Dave and the Munchkins gave me Wonder Woman earrings and a long board:


(yes, there were many, MANY visions of broken arms and legs for a few weeks…. so Dave agreed that I could return the thoughtful¬†present since he had forgotten that my actual “gift” was a weekend away with some of my arizona-besties!)

speaking of “besties,” my best friend went out of her way to spoil me:


that’s a card for a “good read” at amazon, a card for a “good feed” at chipotle, a card for a “fun feat” at michaels and a card for a “styling’ treat” at H&M.

THAT, ladies and gentleman (i know for sure that my husband and my father-in-law read my blog on an infrequent basis, which would be the “gentleman” to whom i’m referring), is a friend who knows me well. VERY well.

and the best gift of all?


she and her family (husband + four kiddos) are COMING TO VISIT US IN ARIZONA.


this will be the FIRST time since we moved here (over 3 years ago) that they get to come and visit. her husband and my husband were friends before carrilee and i were friends (the guys are actually the reason we’re friends). the boys had (have) a side business together. they used to work for the same employer – TWICE (meaning they worked for two different employers together). and our kiddos are are very close/similar in age.


i honestly didn’t even need the gift cards.

and then if you fast forward 3 weeks…. THIS HAPPENED:


these two AMAZING friends went to california with me.

casey even agreed to drive.

because she’s an amazing rock star friend.


when we’re all together, nothing sounds better than mexican (including margaritas):
IMG_1973 IMG_1974 IMG_1977

(i couldn’t help it – single servings of boxed wine for sale at target?!)

this was our hotel room view (thanks, Jenni!):IMG_1979 IMG_1981 IMG_1982


the Rose Bowl in Pasadena?


well, more accurately, the ROSE BOWL FLEA MARKET!


THIS was the ENTIRE purpose of the trip.

a flea market.

that’s how i wanted to celebrate my 40th with my friends.

IMG_1983 IMG_1986

(see that?! ^^^^   JULIE joined us, too!

she didn’t drive.

she flew.

then again, it’s a long drive from washington state!)

we had a fantastic weekend of shopping in the sunshine at the flea market (where i bought the least amount of stuff!!!), eating yummy food, finding a fun and cheap clothing store (i may have made 3 separate purchases there – jenni may have made two!), talking with friends without being interrupted by adorable children….

we even drove by my brother’s alma mater:

(yeah, he’s ridiculously smart.)

IMG_1993 IMG_1994

julie wasn’t with us the whole trip, but she was able to spend a little bit of time with family before she met up with us and after she left us, so it was a winner of a trip for her, too.

in an attempt to make the most of our experience at the hotel, we hit the hot tub one night:


the hotel bar for drinks and my birthday dessert:

IMG_1998 IMG_2001

and even the gym:

IMG_2003 IMG_2006 IMG_2010

i couldn’t have asked for a better weekend with some of my best friends in the world.

THANK YOU for celebrating with me!

(and thanks, to everyone, for keeping their snarky “you’re 40!!!!” exclamations to yourself…. i might revert to being 27 again)!

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