misc Munchkin moments

just a glance at some randomness….

alex is doing an amazing job facing her “fears” and obsessions with dogs:


hindsight it always 20/20.

we think davey and alex had fifths disease over spring break:IMG_2382

she’s totally stylish? IMG_2373

this girl LOVES shoes.

especially boots.

and high heels.

with her dark jeans, it’s hard to tell, but these come up to her bum!
(because they’re adult boots)IMG_2350

my two guys working outside for a bit….

dave on actual work stuff and davey on a scrapbook of photos from uncle tom:IMG_2328

trampoline hair:IMG_2216

a new angle to show how big she is… or maybe how little she is!IMG_2140

little miss laura in galls wilder…..

she’s got LONG braids (that have since been seriously “trimmed”)!IMG_2168

we love hand-me-downs… like this sweater:


this girl is growing up TOO fast:


moments like these make me melt:IMG_2312

more scrapbook work!IMG_2315

this girl is working on a scrapbook, too - IMG_2316

even on spring break, school pops up in our lives!
(samantha’s in class 207):


how in the world do kids sleep in weird positions?!IMG_2211

fun pre school hats!

i’m pretty sure these are puppy dog ears!IMG_2201

hand-me-down boots are pretty awesome, too!


waiting to go into pre school…. she’s growing up so fast (i know i already said that on this blog post, but it’s worth repeating):


being the unofficial class photographer (x3!) is FUN…. i love taking photos of my munchkins and their classmates:


and there you have it…. march randomness with the dunking!

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