a birthday at the zoo?!

as you well know by now, my birthday was on a monday.

martin luther king day.

a school holiday.

not a work holiday for everyone.

so every mother who was desperate to entertain and exhaust her child/ren without assistance from her husband showed up at the zoo that day.

it may also have something to do with the perfect weather.

sunny but not too hot.

but since our zoo passes were set to expire at the end of the month, we needed to take this “last chance” opportunity to enjoy the animals.

and some family time.

(these photos are a mix of my DSLR, my iPhone, dave’s iPhone, and dad’s point-and-shoot):

IMG_9987 IMG_9983 IMG_2911 IMG_2910

it really was a great day and we got to see so many animals – here are the new cheetahs:



and some flamingoes:


i love these mandrills (“cheeky monkey”) – i think it’s their colorful faces:

IMG_9789 IMG_9790

though alex really prefers the baboons:

IMG_9791 IMG_9793 IMG_9799 IMG_9801

hanging out with some OTHER flamingoes (did you know there are two different kinds of flamingoes at the Phoenix Zoo? and they’re in two different areas? well, now you do!): 
IMG_2917 IMG_9807 IMG_9812

“that’s mine!”

“no, it’s mine!”

“back off, Beaky!”

“no way, YOU give that back!”

IMG_9816 IMG_9833

the lemurs were out and being a bit playful:


who doesn’t love the zebras?

then again, we all know i have an obsession with stripes… especially black and white!

IMG_9837 IMG_9838

a little ride on the komodo dragon is fun, yeah?


though i know i don’t want to encounter this one outside of his habitat:

we had a great time at the orangutan habitat. one of them had just had a new baby (meaning it was DAYS old), and the others were already “jealous” of all the attention the baby was attracting, so a few of them decided to become the main attraction:


(this one ^^^^ made faces for a solid 15 minutes. kissy-faces. pouty faces. funny faces. huge smiles. he swung from the ropes. he hung upside-down. he was a general clown in a “look-at-me” way – and it worked!)

IMG_9940 IMG_9941

check out the baby: can you see him (or her?):


the squirrel monkeys, while SUPER CUTE are also SUPER DIRTY. you can go into their enclosure to see them up closer(r). but you also get warned that you may encounter some pee or poo. ON YOU. thus far, we’ve avoided that with every visit. this visit was no different. WHEW!




giant anteater:


(seriously?! what sized ants is this guy eating?!?)

this is the obligatory “frog” photo. EVERY time we get to this part of the zoo, my munchkins climb on the frog.



i should do a time-lapse video of them on this thing!


i love the bright colors of the macaw:


alex really wanted to go fishing… with her hands:


a giant, bearded iguana:


i love the tortoises at the zoo. they have some REALLY BIG ones:


and since my daughter’s name is Sam and we like to eat Fruit Loops, we can’t skip out on a photo of a Toucan:


as part of our annual zoo pass renewal LAST year, we got 5 tickets for the carousel…. which we FINALLY used! while we were waiting in line, we happened to find the best Kindergarten teacher in the world: Ms. Flanagan (you may recall her as Samantha’s teacher last year):


alex wasn’t so sure about this ride. she was super excited for it. then she freaked out a bit. in the end, i think it just went around too many times for her.


and THAT, my friends, is what a 40th birthday at the zoo looks like!

IMG_9982 IMG_1748IMG_1747 IMG_9985

don’t you wish you could celebrate your 40th at the zoo, too?!



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