small and crowded…. just like mom….

i’m going to fess up now that my Munchkins are 7, 6, and 4 and have never been to the dentist.



and i’m serious.

it’s been about insurance (the kids and i don’t have dental coverage) and a little bit of fear on my part (fear that they’ll have MY mouth and need a LOT of EXPENSIVE dental work).

but with our 2014 Flex Spending account not maxed out and with having until March 15 to use up last year’s monies, it was time.

i asked around for a good pediatric dentist recommendation and then called and BEGGED for them to get us in before March 15th.

alex was the first winner, with an appointment in late february.

i was horribly nervous about her ability to sit still and her sensory issues with noise…

IMG_2081 IMG_2082 IMG_2083 IMG_2086

while not perfect, she did an AMAZING job. well, for most of the appointment. she let them look in her mouth and clean and brush her teeth but then her cooperation ended. i think they were able to floss between two teeth before she called it quits for the day.

and then they asked me to BRING. HER. BACK. for another appointment. they said they’d give her some gas and take x-rays and try to clean up some dark spots (aka: cavities?!).

so a week later, back we went.

she was NOT excited. for a week she talked about the dentist and how she didn’t like it there and didn’t want to go back.


that gas made her rather goofy, though.

we were able to get x-rays (which surprised me, because holding those things in your mouth for a good photo is really difficult and usually makes ME gag a billion times over).

we were not, however, able to get her to sit still long enough to clean the dark spots.

i wasn’t surprised.

when she gets goofy, she gets even MORE wiggly.

as if two weeks in a row at the new dentist’s office wasn’t enough, i had to return for a THIRD week to take the other two in for their first visits:

IMG_2269 IMG_2270 IMG_2271 IMG_2272 IMG_2273 IMG_2274 IMG_2275 IMG_2276

davey and samantha rallied like champs and tolerated the counting, the labeling, the cleaning, the flossing, the fluoride, and the x-rays (davey even got a panoramic x-ray).

davey’s panoramic x-ray revealed that his mouth is a lot like mine – small and crowded.

the dentist actually recommended that he get a bunch of teeth pulled this summer to make room for the new teeth that need to grow in. (we’ll get a second opinion before we consider that as a realistic option.) but aside from that, he had ZERO cavities and didn’t mind the visit at all!

everything was FINE with BOTH munchkins until the fluoride. that’s when samantha “lost it” (thankfully, NOT on the dentist or hygienist) and has declared that she HATES the dentist and will never return.

i haven’t told her that she goes back in 6 months!

she does know, however, that the dentist also said SHE has a small and crowded mouth and that she’ll also need to get teeth pulled in a year or two to make room in her mouth.

apparently my kiddos ALL inherited my small mouth (no wisecracks, please!) and are prone to over-crowding. i think it’s time we start foregoing certain “fun things” to save for braces…. times THREE!

2 thoughts on “small and crowded…. just like mom….

  1. Oh Tam, I’m sorry. As you may remember, I also had a small & crowded mouth and got 17 teeth pulled by the age of 12, 4 of which were permanent teeth. However, when I was older and went to a different dentist, he said he probably wouldn’t have pulled so many, so I would definitely advise you to get a second opinion. They may well need teeth pulled, but it’s possible that a careful evaluation will reveal that a smaller number will do just the job to allow the right amount of room and braces may not be necessary. You never know, but it is TOTALLY WORTH checking into it. :) Congratulations to the Munchkins for tolerating the visit and Sam – I’m with you on the flouride. :P

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