It was a sweet day….

A few weekends ago, Samantha and I got started on our HOLIDAY festivities.

My dear friend, MaryAnn, introduced us to the Nutcracker Sweet Tea, hosted by the ballet studio where her girls dance. It was a beautiful early afternoon event filled with good friends, cookies, ballerinas, sweet treats, dancing and a story.

Samantha started the event off quite shy. She was afraid to go up to the ballerinas to have them sign the toe shoe we purchased. But by the end of the event, she was ALL SMILES for the camera AND the ballerinas. She even repeatedly bugged reminded me that she wanted her picture taken with the beautiful “princess.”

(as usual, these photos are in reverse order – the end before the beginning):
IMG_8271 IMG_8268 IMG_8262 IMG_8257 IMG_8243 IMG_8237

IMG_8275 IMG_8235 IMG_8232 IMG_8230 IMG_8228 IMG_8224 IMG_8223 IMG_8220

While we enjoyed the event with our neighborhood friends, we were fortunate enough to see our dear friends Lacey & Jada (and mom, Jenni!) after their event ended and before ours began:

IMG_8214 IMG_8207

(we hope to enjoy this event WITH those beauties next year!)

IMG_8203 IMG_8195 IMG_8194 IMG_8193


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