we live in the wild, wild west

back in may, when dave’s parents were town for a nice long visit, we decided to trek out to the Goldfield Ghost Town to experience a bit of the wild, wild west.

but we’re not too wild in this family.

so it was more like a visit to a fun, kitchy-themeatic ghost town.

there was no real “wild” to be had…. unless you count the train whistle (but only alex got scared by that)!

i thought it was a fun adventure and i’d gladly go back again. there were TONS of things for me to photograph, but in the end, i didn’t want you to wade through 150 photos, so here are just a few (in no particular order) for your amusement:

IMG_8344 IMG_0746 IMG_0741 IMG_0734 IMG_0721 IMG_0717 IMG_0714 IMG_0706 IMG_0702 IMG_0698 IMG_0697 IMG_0690 IMG_0684 IMG_0670 IMG_0648 IMG_0638 IMG_0630 IMG_0625 IMG_0624 IMG_0622 IMG_0621 IMG_0617 IMG_0614 IMG_0613 IMG_0607 IMG_0604 IMG_0603 IMG_0590 IMG_0580 IMG_0574

(casey, i hope this helps you decide whether or not you guys want to visit the town while your parents are here!!)

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