hijacking a party

i’ve just spent the past THREE DAYS going through photos.

on my computer.

see, i’m only about a month “behind” in my Project Life album.

but it was a BUSY month.

it included Fall Break (trip to the Zoo, idea museum, vertuccio farm x2, pumpkin painting, the Munchkins’ first camping experience),¬†and it included Sam’s birthday, her party, Movie Night, Field Day, Halloween at school, Halloween at MaryAnn’s house, Jada’s birthday and i don’t even know what else.


each of those events listed above were EXTRA events in each week…. and i took LOTS of photos.


and LOTS.

so i made a collage of each event listed above.

(well, the camping collage hasn’t been started yet – i think it needs to be a book of it’s own instead)

and i’m CELEBRATING because ALL of the collages

and all of the DAILY LIFE photos (through 11/2/14) have been cropped and edited and merged and uploaded to Costco.

woo hoo!

and what better way to CELEBRATE something than with a party?

even if it’s a 3-year old’s birthday party…. a party is a party!

bubble guppies might not be the theme i’d choose for a party,

but it was perfect for this darling 3-year old:


who received an extra special gift when her BROTHER (age 8) played HAPPY BIRTHDAY on the guitar while the rest of us sang off key and out of tune:


and her amazing parents:


threw a wonderful party at a nearby park.

there was enough food.

there was plenty of entertainment.

and they prayed so long and hard for nice weather, that God granted them a BEAUTIFUL day for an outdoor birthday party in early november in arizona. weather in the 70s?

yes, please!

but because i know most of you would rather see MY Munchkins than photos of someone else’s kids, here are my three favorite MUNCHKIN photos from that sunny Sunday:



but i kinda love this photo, too:

and this one was part of an entire series of bubble-blowing photos:IMG_7795

and now i think we’ve celebrated enough for one night.

i’m going to sleep.

but i DEFINITELY plan to stop at costco tomorrow for my pictures and collages!





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