before there was Halloween, there was pumpkin PAINTING….

did you know that before halloween comes along, comes the DECORATING?!


i’m serious.

and i’m not quite up to the task of helping the Munchkins CARVE Halloween pumpkins. not yet. i just can’t bring myself to give them SHARP knives.

so instead, i gave them cheap acrylic paint and paint brushes.

alex’s outfit is permanently paint covered.

but i think the evening was worth it.

(bonus?we did this painting with FRIENDS at someone else’s house! hooray!)

IMG_6181 IMG_6174

(as soon as i saw this fully painted red hand, i removed all paint brushes from her grasp and reach and carried her inside to be ALL DONE and to get washed up)!IMG_6171 IMG_6164 IMG_6161 IMG_6160 IMG_6159 IMG_6157 IMG_6154 IMG_6148 IMG_6147 IMG_6146 IMG_6143 IMG_6140 IMG_6139 IMG_6134

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