visiting the butterflies

once again, these photos are all backwards, but i’d rather get another OHIO post up on the blog then spend the extra time to put them in order…. so i’ll let you enjoy photos from the afternoon visit we took to Miller Preserve to visit the butterfly room…

IMG_8975 IMG_8974 IMG_8973 IMG_8971 IMG_8969 IMG_8968 IMG_8966 IMG_8963 IMG_8962 IMG_1384 IMG_1383 IMG_1379 IMG_1377 IMG_1370 IMG_1365 IMG_1363 IMG_1359 IMG_1357 IMG_1355 IMG_1341 IMG_1339 IMG_1333 IMG_1332 IMG_1329 IMG_1327 IMG_1326 IMG_1324 IMG_1319 IMG_1314 IMG_1309 IMG_1307 IMG_1304 IMG_1302 IMG_1298 IMG_1297 IMG_1293 IMG_1292 IMG_1291

in case you’re wondering, the Miller Preserve has more than just the butterfly enclosure, but it costs money to go into the green house (or whatever it is) and we weren’t that interested. we were, however, thankful, that visiting the butterflies was free!

yes, we DID have to prevent alex from SQUISHING and SQUASHING the butterflies on the plants and the ground and her hand. there were a few close calls.

poor butterflies!

all the munchkins wanted was to hold a butterfly.

a butterfly landed on another girl and after several minutes, she showed samantha how to get the butterfly to walk from her own hand onto samantha’s hand. and then samantha shared that butterfly with the rest of us. until alex almost squished it. but then it landed on my shoulder and the “butterfly passing” started all over again.

thanks for the fun afternoon, Aunt Marcia!

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