recap of TMNT meets Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood


so my apologies, but i really do not want to take the time and exert the energy to “flip” over 100 photos…. so you’ll get a glimpse of our Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles meet Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood party IN REVERSE (that means you’ll see the END before the beginning).

the t-shirt TMNT masks were a huge hit and they were quite easy to make. i call this a Pinterest win!

IMG_3315 IMG_3314 IMG_3311 IMG_3309

how is she FOUR?

IMG_3307 IMG_3306 IMG_3305

and how in the world is this Munchkin almost SEVEN?!?

IMG_3302 IMG_3301 IMG_3298 IMG_3297

our two-hours of swimming (the only PLANNED activity for the party) got derailed after an hour. the weather took a turn for the worse and a big storm blew in. i had hoped it would blow out just as quickly, but no such luck. granted, it WAS over before the end of the party, but not soon enough to be able to send everyone back into the pool!

IMG_3296 IMG_3295 IMG_3294

the TMNT love pizza.

so did this crowd!

IMG_3293 IMG_3292 IMG_3291

the cheese puffs were a huge hit, too!

IMG_3289 IMG_3288

mom or dad’s phone is usually a good entertainment tool, too!


before the pizza arrived but AFTER we were kicked out of the pool, we opted to “kill time” by opening some presents….

the Munchkins took turns (alex opened one gift then davey opened one then alex, then davey…. you get the idea). both munchkins made quite a haul!

 IMG_3271 IMG_3267 IMG_3240 IMG_3233 IMG_3227 IMG_3222 IMG_3217 IMG_3209 IMG_3200 IMG_3198 IMG_3186 IMG_3180 IMG_3173 IMG_3163 IMG_3150 IMG_3141 IMG_3130 IMG_3124 IMG_3110 IMG_3108 IMG_3097 IMG_3094

i love that two of the munchkins have summer birthdays. despite the unpredictable storms that can come rolling in, birthday party entertainment is easy as long as it includes the pool! (as i type this, the wind is going CRAZY outside).

IMG_3092 IMG_3087 IMG_3086 IMG_3085 IMG_3082 IMG_3076 IMG_3074 IMG_3071 IMG_3068 IMG_3065

so. many. presents…..

IMG_3063 IMG_3062

but fear not! we had some fun goody bags for our friends!

IMG_3061 IMG_3060 IMG_3057

see all those strawberries? they were gone before i could blink!

IMG_3056 IMG_3055

i LOVE how the cupcakes looked!

many, MANY thanks to Pinterest for the links to the free printables AND to Katie for her help in resizing the Daniel the Tiger (and friends) printables to use as cupcake toppers!

IMG_3054 IMG_3053

it’s hard to see, but there’s a Daniel Tiger & Friends bunting here:


i also made a TMNT one, but i don’t have a photo of it yet.

IMG_3051 IMG_3050 IMG_3049

in the end, i think it was a successful party.

i also think the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles did a good job meeting with and playing nicely with Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood!

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