please, not yet!



not yet!

i’m in denial.

i don’t want it to be real.

it’s not true.


i’m not ready!

seven years? already?

i’ve really been a mama for seven years?

this blog post is going live at 4:11 Pacific Time on July 15th.

that was the day and time i became a mama for the first time.

S.  E.  V.  E.  N. years ago.

seven SHORT years.

IMG_9119 IMG_9107 IMG_9106 IMG_9090 IMG_9043 IMG_9005 IMG_8986 IMG_8932

this Munchkin has endured a lot.

he’s endured mama learning to live on little sleep.

he’s endured mama through working from home, working from a store (that was closing) and mama not working at all.

he’s endured mommy & daddy learning HOW to be a parent.

he’s endured countless changes to the routine (especially when baby sisters came along).

he’s endured mama’s crazy ideas of HOW to parent vs. the realities of how mommy ACTUALLY parents.

he’s the oldest.

he’s the only boy.

a lot is expected of him.

IMG_8918 IMG_8912 IMG_2610 IMG_2542 IMG_2369 IMG_2301 IMG_2171 IMG_2148 IMG_2147 IMG_1972 IMG_1954 IMG_1876 IMG_1812 IMG_1801 IMG_1753

he’s amazingly tender hearted.

he is so loving.

so kind.

quite generous.

quite loving.

ridiculously intelligent.

(and often times infuriatingly intelligent).

IMG_1721 IMG_1711 IMG_1695 IMG_1688 IMG_1663 IMG_1661 IMG_1642 IMG_1638 IMG_1634

among other things, he loves Lego, TMNT, swimming, outer space, reading, playing with his friends, spending time with family, eating sweet treats, watching TV, playing the Wii,  basketball, his uncles, time with his Daddy, building things… and so much more.

IMG_1622 IMG_1585 IMG_1577 IMG_1431 IMG_1359 IMG_1237 IMG_1139 IMG_1081he is an absolutely amazing kid and i am so blessed to be his mama. he wasn’t an easy baby (dave used to walk the hallway for hours with davey in his arms) but he is so perfect for us.

so wonderful.

so (relatively) easy.

he is a joy.

a delight.

and i have been his mama for seven years.

S.  E.  V.  E  N.

they’ve gone by so quickly. i fear that it was just yesterday that i was in so much pain that i couldn’t sit down. i was only 36 weeks pregnant. just yesterday that i called the hospital (it was a saturday) and they suggested i come in to get checked out. it was just yesterday that the nurses told me i was in labor. it was just yesterday that my very own OB was on call and saw me that weekend. it was just yesterday that i was told i was going to have a baby. that weekend. THAT WEEKEND. FOUR WEEKS EARLY. i was NOT ready. not at all. i was supposed to go back to work on Monday. i had a week of appointments scheduled. instead, i was awake all night. and at 4:11 am, i was given an amazing gift. a son. in my arms.

my son. my davey.

i will never forget that. i will never forget becoming a mama for the first time. i will never forget the joy of holding him in my arms.

and that was seven years ago.

and yet, i still think it was yesterday.

thank you.

thank you for making me a mama.

thank you for your unconditional love.

thank you for being who you are.

thank you for your kind heart.

thank you for your sensitive soul.

last one

you are so very special!

i love you, davey dunkin!

One thought on “please, not yet!

  1. How can you not love this sweet young man who s growing up too quickly. Also, he loves his aunts and grandparents very much!

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