F. O. U. R.



for real?

are you sure?

at 10:12am, four years ago, this little peanut entered the world:

IMG_1401 IMG_1406 IMG_1408 IMG_1411

she was our third child.

our biggest baby (at 6 lbs. & 11 oz.).

she was born the “latest” at 39 weeks.

she nursed the best.

(without spitting up).

initially, she slept a lot. ahhhh. she slept. as a newborn. sleep……

*************     *************     **************     *************

now she is so full of personality – it astounds me.

after all we went through while pregnant with her….

(there are so many, MANY stories from week 24-39!)….

after all we went through while waiting for her to be born…

after all we went through waiting for her to walk….

after all we went through with her waiting for her to talk….

after all we’re going through trying to convince her to use the potty….

IMG_2384 IMG_2386 IMG_2391 IMG_2388  IMG_2385 IMG_2395

despite it all, we are SO VERY, VERY thankful that this sweet, stubborn, lively, loving little girl is part of our family.

without her there would be less smiles,

without her there would be less hugs,

without her there would be less kisses,

without her there would be less snuggles,

without her there would be less love,

without her, we would be less.


you are so very, very loved by so many people!

*************     *************     **************     *************


EATING: fruit snacks, bananas, pizza, granola bars, applesauce

WATCHING: Daniel Tiger, Blues Clues

LIVING: dressing herself, putting on her own shoes

LEARNING: reading books (and having them read to her)

DOING: searching for Waldo in books

SPECIAL: playing with her friends Jada and Kayleigh

SINGING: “Jesus Loves Me” and “Praise Ye the Lord” and sing-song lessons from Daniel the Tiger’s Neighborhood

MOVING: jumping, running, holding hands, piggy back rides, swimming

One thought on “F. O. U. R.

  1. And every day is more exciting then the previous when Alexandra is involved. Love you and have lots of fun on your birthday.

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