day one…


after a nice lunch at great grandpa & great grandma’s house, the munchkins found their way to the basement to enjoy TOY TIME….

IMG_1081 IMG_1088

IMG_1095  IMG_1083  IMG_1119 IMG_1115 IMG_1108 IMG_1104 IMG_1120 IMG_1128 IMG_1135 IMG_1129

us adults wound up sitting down there to chat while the munchkins played and explored.



there are so many things about this basement that dave remembers from his own childhood – the carpet, some of the toys, some poles/posts that he used to try to climb, the steep stairs, the different rooms (including great grandpa’s office and great grandma’s craft space)… i LOVE visiting this house. i love the history. i love the memories that i have there (just over the past 12 years!). and i LOVE that it’s a place where family gathers. it’s kinda like the epi-center for so many of us. i’m sure grandpa & grandma have spent countless hours in that basement praying for family, friends and strangers around the world.

aunt marcia joined us and she had a math problem for davey to solve. 3 munchkins + $15 + everyone needs the same amount of money = how much money per munchkin?

IMG_1139 IMG_1143

and once the problem was solved, we were off on our first shopping adventure at this discount grocery store called Marc’s.


i think the Munchkins were a bit overwhelmed! they had $5 each and they worked HARD to maximize their purchases. dave and i helped steer them in certain directions (“are you sure you want to spend $4 of your $5 on a cinderella toy when you already have one at home?”)

but in the end, the two older ones made their choices on their own (samantha even chose things to SHARE with her siblings – like the candy necklaces and markers!) while i chose alex’s purchases carefully. for just under $15 (tax included), the purchased all the things you see below:


dave even found a toy HE wanted… but in the end aunt marcia purchased it for him so he could have a “toy,” too!


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