this one LOVES the spotlight

so samantha finished her first year of school – which was kindergarten. and she didn’t have a “graduation” (even though the spring school photo session included cap & gown photos of her!) but she and the rest of the kindergarten students from ALL FOUR classes put on a nice show for the parents and grandparents and family members….

IMG_0301 IMG_0302 IMG_0319 IMG_0323 IMG_0337 IMG_0344


almost 100 kindergarten students sang several songs WITH hand motions/gestures and they were so darn cute!

samantha projects this “i love to be in the spotlight but i’m going to act like i’m shy” personality when she’s up there. it makes me smile because it only makes her cuter. and i’m already praying that it’s not related to “insecurity” because that could be a BAD thing when she hits junior high and high school.

***     ***     ***     ***     ***

after the program in the multi-purpose room (does your school have one of those? the gym/cafeteria/auditorium), we headed back to the classroom where Ms. Flanagan presented each child with their “diploma/certificate” AND their writing notebook that they worked on all year.

IMG_0412 IMG_0387


this mama LOVES writing.

this mama LOVES early handwriting.

this mama LOVES “sounded out” spelling.

this mama LOVES that “writing notebook!”

***     ***     ***     ***     ***

and then there was a video. it was clips and photos from throughout the year. it was fantastic (samantha watched it THREE. MORE. TIMES. later that day)!

and then Ms. Flanagan thought we were finished.

but we were only getting started (not really). a large group of parents/students contributed to a group gift for Ms. Flanagan. all year long, she has exclaimed that this was her BEST CLASS EVER! with the BEST PARENTS EVER! and we feel that our children had the BEST TEACHER EVER for our kiddos, so this fun little book/present came together quite nicely:

IMG_8163 IMG_8164 IMG_8165 IMG_8166 IMG_8167 IMG_8168 IMG_8172

and after that presentation (where I made the presentation and then i was SHAKING and i may or may not have started to tear-up WHILE i was talking), it was time for photo ops and treats and snacks and hugs and lots of posing for the camera:


IMG_0463 IMG_0460

davey didn’t want to miss any part of his last day of 1st grade, so he didn’t come to watch samantha’s program/ceremony or her class celebration. and (grandpa had already headed home and he took alex with him) so we have no full-family photos .

***     ***     ***     ***     ***

(snapped these photos at home):


***     ***     ***     ***     ***

but wouldn’t you know it, when i lost my opportunity to get a fun family photo, these four kiddos came to the rescue:


(they were NOT interested in a “nice” photo. seriously? what’s up with samantha’s pushed-forward-shoulder? she did it ALL. DAY. LONG.)


but they LOVED being total goofballs for the camera. and this photo is so much more THEM anyway.

but then when we finally “released” them from the click-click-click of FOUR cameras, THIS HAPPENED:



another huddle.

i LOVE these four kiddos together.

***     ***     ***     ***     ***

and then it was time to walk home because samantha’s first year of school – kindergarten – was over.

just like that.

ten months that passed in the blink of an eye.

i still remember BEFORE school started and we took the Munchkins to “meet the teacher” night. and i remember dropping samantha off for her first day of kindergarten. (you may remember that it was her first EVER day of ANY school since she didn’t go to pre-school anywhere.)


^^ (from Meet the Teacher night) ^^

IMG_2328 IMG_2336 

^^ (and from the first day of Kindergarten)  ^^

***     ***     ***     ***     ***

and now the year is over.

and she’s a 1st grader.

and now i’m afraid that if i blink, i’ll have missed 11 years and she’ll be graduating from high school.

(that’s totally possible, right?)

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