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rising out of the ashes

man oh man! i’ve been a “nay-sayer” to flu shots for years. never again. last week, davey was sick for a couple of days. nothing major, but enough to keep him home from school. and then alex got sick. and she’s still recovering from her dismal bout with the flu. it’s been a week since she’s been her usual, perky self. for three days straight, she had high fevers, lethargy, crying, unwillingness to walk, no appetite and so much more. and in the midst of that, dave and i got sick.

IMG_6851 IMG_6852

thankfully, the only vomiting that occurred was due to excessive coughing. but there was plenty of coughing. and fevers. and lethargy. and lack of appetites. and aches. and chills. and general BLAHs.

IMG_6853 IMG_6856

next year, we’re all getting flu shots. i don’t care if samantha screams for an hour from the shot – it’ll be worth it to avoid what we just went through. and the indignity of it ALL is we were all sick over MY birthday weekend! seriously. i lost all chances of eating out for free on my birthday at several local restaurants. sigh.

IMG_6865 IMG_6867

despite that, my birthday was decent enough. we were all together. in our home. cozy and warm. and some of us enjoyed a GF marble cake with chocolate frosting and sprinkles.

 IMG_6861 IMG_6862

as you can see, snow white made an appearance, as well. she’s my favorite princess. side note: i’m pretty sure it dates back to when my brother was in college in southern california. when he returned to school one semester, he left behind a postcard of Snow White for me. it was snow white from head to toe and the “background” was shiny silver foil. he wrote on the back of it with a blue marker (or highlighter?) that eventually got rained on and smeared, but i’m pretty sure it said something about Snow White reminding him of me (must be the dark hair). ever since, Snow White has been my favorite princess.

back on track: Samantha wanted me to have a Snow White birthday party so i washed the plastic princess from her full set (she gave me this princess months ago and she’s been living in our kitchen in various nooks and crannies) and placed her in the center of the cake. you should’ve seen samantha’s smile when she saw my cake!

i was plenty spoiled by my family this year. cards, gift cards, cash, a bike mount for my iPhone (i’m always afraid it’s going to fall out of my pocket!), and NEW SHOES! check them out:


Dave ordered several pairs for me b/c he didn’t know what color I’d want. he told me to keep the ones i want and we’d return the others ( has a great return policy). imagine my disappointment when i discovered they were too big!

a trip to our local Kohl’s remedied the shoe issue. i had intended only to try on the Converse in another size to find the right size for me so we could order new ones. however, they were on sale… and i had a coupon… so i found the right size and purchased a few pairs so i could choose my color(s). the red ones shown above are keepers. they’re the right size and i’ve already worn them out of the house.

and that, my friends, was my birthday and the week before and after it. as of right now, i have cleaned our home from top to bottom. things have been disinfected and cleaned and wiped and washed. bed linens are currently being washed but otherwise, everything has been cleaned and de-germed.

and next year? yes. next year we’re all getting the flu shot.



i love helping in the Munchkins’ classes. I love that I volunteer in Samantha’s class on Fridays. It’s “school spirit” day. The Munchkins are the All Stars and their school colors are red, white and blue. So I bought two new red, white & blue plaid shirts to wear to school when i volunteer. yes, yes i did. i AM that mom.

but my favorite part of helping is getting to EAT LUNCH with my Munchkins. in THEIR environment – the cafeteria. surrounded by their friends.

and we like to take selfies:

IMG_6804 IMG_6805

i love my job.

is it really 2014 already?

it’s already the middle of the month?! good gracious! it’s been a busy month for us, thus far. we’ve enjoyed fall-like weather with lots and LOTS of leaves on the ground. samantha loves to walk and run through them. i think she’s just like her mom who also really loves the C-R-U-N-C-H-I-N-G sound they make! she also likes to scoop them up and throw them in the air. i’m not as much of a fan of that one – sometimes there’s dog or cat poop hidden under the leaves. and there’s always a lot of dirt (this is the desert, after all).

but before i continue on with stories and highlights of january-thus-far, let me share some photos of our new year’s eve celebration (warning: there aren’t many):

we celebrated the new year (via the clock in new york!) with our dear friends, the Woods. at midnight (or 10pm arizona time), we enjoyed some champagne (or sparkling cider if you were not of age):


and then we went into the backyard and used up some OLD sparklers (some of these may still be “around” from our years in Lynden. no, i’m NOT kidding):

20131231_221117  IMG_6767  IMG_6768IMG_6769 IMG_6770

everyone enjoyed sparkler time (even alex!) and then it was time to say “good bye” to the woods and hello to our beds!

with the munchkins returning to school and dave returning to work, it’s been pretty quiet around the house. i’ve been trying to go to the gym every morning after dropping off alex at school. it’s not much, but it’s better than nothing. i’ve worked my way up to 3 miles on the elliptical and i’ve been able to pace under 10 minutes, so that’s pretty good. and i went to a zumba class last saturday – it was my first zumba class since school started back in august! (alex’s preschool schedule just doesn’t afford me the opportunity to attend zumba).

i’ve also been cleaning and sorting and organizing and purging. it always feels so FREEING to get rid of STUFF. granted, we still have a LOT. i still have a LOT. but it’s good to get SOME of it out of here.

we’ve been trying hard to enjoy the sunshine. our HOA (home owners association) had a fun “NO SNOW” even last weekend. they brought in actual SNOW for the kids to play in and even though it was more icy than snowy, it was fun for them anyway. it’s still a little weird to see people playing in snow in flip flips, though we are a little used to seeing that (it’s a common sight up at Artist’s Point at Mount Baker in the summer).

my alarm just told me it’s time to go get alex. i’ll have to share more later!