up, up and away…

it was about 4:55pm yesterday. i walked outside to put some chicken on the grill for our dinner (chicken caesar salad). and i heard… singing?



it sounded like Jingle Bells.

so i looked up and saw a hot air balloon.

it was really close.

so close i could hear the song “Jingle Bells” coming from the balloon.

and it kept getting closer.

and closer.

and closer.

i called the kids outside to see how close the balloon was.

it looked like it was going to land in a neighbor’s yard.

then i heard another neighbor call out “c’mon! let’s go see it!”

so i said the same to the kids and we were out the door -

(yes, with the chicken still on the grill).

samantha actually tried to go into a neighbor’s house to see the balloon in their backyard. it took some convincing to get her to believe me that it was landing in the park across the street and NOT in their backyard.

and then samantha started SCREAMING! with JOY and ELATION!

and with a few more steps,

there it was:


and then we saw our neighbors – a few different ones!

and the owner of the balloon started talking that he was going to let the children WALK on it!

and then my alarm went off.


time to flip the chicken.

there was NO WAY i was leaving, though.

can you imagine?

leaving the potential of “balloon walking” to FLIP SOME CHICKEN?!

no. way.

not on my watch.

so the two older Munchkins DID get to do this:

IMG_6614 IMG_6612 IMG_6611

and it was cool to see some other kindergarten classmates there.

and some school moms who volunteer in the lunchroom.

and to learn who lives near us.

and it was wonderfully fantastic to see the delight on the faces of my children who DID walk and play on the balloon.

and within about 30 minutes of our first sighting, our eventful adventure was over.

and we returned home, where i flipped the chicken.

and it was not overcooked.

not too much, at least.

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