what’s for dinner?

the dreaded question comes up all too often:

“Mom, what’s for dinner?”

when I take time on sunday afternoon or monday morning to plan out our meals for the week, life seems to flow a little bit better. i check the weather (no sense in serving chili on a day when it’s 80* outside…. that’s just a LOT wrong!) and then i check our schedule. and then i plan accordingly: crock pot meals, quick-to-fix meals, slow to cook in the oven (which warms up the house) meals and more.

I took some time this morning to sit down and finish planning our dinners for the week and then after I picked up Alex from pre school, we went shopping. There’s a very strong “THAI FOOD” theme this week – that was unintentional, but it’s a good way to make sure we use up some not-as-often-used ingredients like shallots and cilantro!

so here’s what we’re eating this week:

Monday: loaded baked potato & chicken casserole with broccoli

Tuesday: Thai beef/steak salad

Wednesday: Kao Soi (a Thai “soup” served with gluten free noodles)

Thursday: Prik King (a Thai dish with chicken & green beans) served over rice

Friday: Left overs

Saturday: Teriyaki chicken (served over rice)

what’s for dinner in your home this week?!

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