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i was successful at the junk in the trunk vintage market

now that i’ve spent a day lying around my bed and sticking close to the bathroom and a bucket (yep, the day after thanksgiving was NOT a fun one for me), i’m up and moving around and am feeling LIGHT YEARS better. i’ve ever eaten a piece of toast and had some weak tea to drink. ahhhh – such a feast. and now that i feel better, i can return to my blogging program, which includes lots and lots of updates from the past few months.

first up, JUNK IN THE TRUNK:

i had NO IDEA how “stressed” i was until two weeks AFTER the Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market was over. please do not get me wrong. i am SO GLAD i was a vendor. i LOVED every minute of it and it was a profitable day for me. but the amount of “relaxing” i have been able to do over the past few weeks? glorious.

this show, however, was a dream-come-true for me. we moved here in january 2012 and within a few months, i discovered this fun event called Junk in the Trunk. it was part vintage findings and part fun crafts. and i knew… i KNEW i wanted to be a part of it. fast forward to august of this year and i went on a whirlwind 12 hours deciding to apply to the market, actually applying, choosing a booth size (full or half) and waiting anxiously to hear back from the super-sweet gals who run the show.

i spent the next 3 months prepping for the show. i made thousands of (retail) dollars of products. i worked on display pieces. i filled our garage with “stuff.” i borrowed a canopy from a friend. i was daily texting my friends photos of new creations and asking for color opinions. and then it was friday, november 8th. my dear friend, Betsy, loaded her mini van and my Pathfinder with all that we needed for the show. Casey came over a little later and we began the 45-minute caravan drive up to north scottsdale.

and then it was time for this:


waiting. waiting. waiting.

this is me, waiting to drive my Pathfinder INTO the giant tent. yep. you read that right. cars and trucks and u-hauls can drive INTO the tent, right up to a booth space to unload. wow. this was the big-time!

and the longer i sat and waited to get in, the more anxious and nervous and excited and giddy i became. (you can’t imagine that at all, can you?!)


and then it was finally my/our turn to drive in and unload and start setting up. i’ve said it before and i will say it again: i could NOT have been successful at this event without the volunteer help of two of my dearest friends, Casey & Betsy:


i made a new “sign” for my company for this show. in retrospect, i SHOULD have stamped my name in black, not in white, but many, MANY thanks to Betsy for taking a black sharpie to this banner before show-time to trace around the edges of the letters and make it stand out a bit more at the show!


and after 3+ hours of set-up, THIS is where we ended:


a beautiful booth that was well decorated, colorful, eye-catching and laid-out well enough to hold quite a few people at one time!

Casey worked some serious magic on the tree:


and Betsy took control of making sure everything else looked amazing:

IMG_6264 IMG_6265 IMG_6266


(if you’re wondering, i DID help set up. a lot. but i was so scattered and overwhelmed that it all came together due to the faithfulness of my no-nonsense friends)!

we stopped at PF Changs for dinner on the way home and then headed off in separate directions. On Saturday morning, bright and early, I picked up Betsy from a Starbucks parking lot and we headed to the giant tent. we putzed around and made things “prettier” and “easier” to see. we made final bathroom runs. i walked around a little bit but i was so OVERWHELMED at the sheer number of vendors and the amount of STUFF that i couldn’t process very well and i quickly returned to the “safety” of my space.

the sweet photographer who was hired to take photos for the day snapped this photo of Betsy and I before the doors opened:


Danielle was an absolute sweetheart and she stayed and chatted with us for awhile before being summoned to take photos of the RIDICULOUSLY LONG line of people waiting outside. we’re talking about 100s of people in line.

the day was a blur of steady business, lots of stories and laughs, amazing customers and other vendors, the best “helper” i could ever imagine (seriously, Betsy, i can never thank you enough and i could never afford to pay you what you are worth!), the best visitor near the end of the day (casey brought starbucks – um. oh. yeah), and so much more.

and then Betsy, Casey and i tore down, loaded the vehicles and headed to Chipotle for dinner and some tasty beverages:


we more than earned those.

i LOVED, LOVED, LOVED being a vendor at Junk in the Trunk. I loved the energy, the excitement, the customers, the other vendors, the JITT owners and crew and helpers… i have NOTHING bad or negative to say about this show. and yes, my answer is “yes” that i would love to be a vendor again. probably not in 2014 (based on the dates of the show – May and September) but I will do this again.

are you curious about my best sellers?

1. hands down, my money-makers were my Scrabble tile Christmas tree ornaments.

2. alphabet block magnet photo holders

3. vintage book frames

4. pillows (hand stamped and burlap)

5. framed, hand stamped word art

6. burlap banners


Yesterday morning  was FINALLY the day.

The day Samantha had been awaiting for WEEKS.

The day she got to stand on the steps to the stage in the “multi-purpose” room (cafeteria, gym, etc.) with the rest of her class and SING LOTS OF SONGS.

Songs about turkeys and pilgrims. And maybe some about Native Americans, too.

The Kindergarten students were able to choose what “character” they wanted to be for the program. Last year, Davey chose to be a turkey. This year the children had two choices: Pilgrim or Indian (forgive my non-P.C. terminology).

What did Samantha choose?


Yep! She was our little Indian girl!

I was able to take some class photos before the big event, but I shouldn’t share them since there are other children involved. And let’s NOT talk about how I may or may not have asked the group photo of just the Indians (Native Americans) to give the classic “cowboys and indians yell” involving hands over their mouths and some higher pitched noises…. (hangs head in non-P.C. shame)! oops!

She did a FANTASTIC job on the stage steps. It appeared that she remembered all the words to all the songs. And all the motions to all the songs. And she smiled big and she waved at us (I may have even spied a wink!).

IMG_3983 sam & mrs f

(Sam with Daddy and then Sam with her teacher, Mrs. Flanagan)

Following the program, Samantha’s class got to go on a “field trip” to the local park (within walking distance from the school). The kids all took off for the play ground while some of the parents set up for the Thanksgiving FEAST:

K feast

I wish I could share with you some of the photos I took of the other kids, but I haven’t asked for permission, so instead, you get to see ALL Samantha! There was a LOT of play time on the playground. The kids had the area to themselves (i.e. no other neighborhood children were there) and they were EVERYWHERE. It was a FANTASTIC way to let them run out a lot of their extra energy!

park riding

It was a long morning, but it was SO FUN!

From the Dunkin’s home to yours, we wish you a VERY HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Enjoy your tryptophan coma!

coming back

i’m coming back. i promise. THIS week. i have well over 100 valid excuses i can give you for being MIA so much over the past 5 months but in the end, i guess i felt that i had nothing to say so i took a hiatus. i’m coming back this week, though. i may or may not share photos from the past 5 months. but i’m ready to exercise my mind again. i’m ready to chat and ramble and type and share. it’s time. it’s time to exercise my “voice” again. thanks for your patience.

what’s for dinner?

the dreaded question comes up all too often:

“Mom, what’s for dinner?”

when I take time on sunday afternoon or monday morning to plan out our meals for the week, life seems to flow a little bit better. i check the weather (no sense in serving chili on a day when it’s 80* outside…. that’s just a LOT wrong!) and then i check our schedule. and then i plan accordingly: crock pot meals, quick-to-fix meals, slow to cook in the oven (which warms up the house) meals and more.

I took some time this morning to sit down and finish planning our dinners for the week and then after I picked up Alex from pre school, we went shopping. There’s a very strong “THAI FOOD” theme this week – that was unintentional, but it’s a good way to make sure we use up some not-as-often-used ingredients like shallots and cilantro!

so here’s what we’re eating this week:

Monday: loaded baked potato & chicken casserole with broccoli

Tuesday: Thai beef/steak salad

Wednesday: Kao Soi (a Thai “soup” served with gluten free noodles)

Thursday: Prik King (a Thai dish with chicken & green beans) served over rice

Friday: Left overs

Saturday: Teriyaki chicken (served over rice)

what’s for dinner in your home this week?!