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i started this blog post several weeks ago. and i no longer remember what my intention was with sharing this story with you. so instead of attempting to finish it and send it in another direction, i’ll just post it as is. can you handle that?

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yesterday was a strange day. i was LOOKING FORWARD to running.

but before i start with yesterday, i should back up a number of years. it was the summer between my sophomore and junior year of college and i went to live with my aunt & uncle in michigan. my aunt worked for a small, Christian-based counseling center and since that was my job-goal at the time, we thought some free volunteering by me would be a good idea – so i could see what the job was really like.

it was NOT what i had expected. i didn’t get to sit in on any sessions (confidentiality) and i didn’t get to even see the clients or meet with the donors. instead, i filled my days with helping with all the office work. (did i ever tell you that office work is how i earned extra spending cash and even how i earned a living for a few years? yeah. i was no stranger to office work, so i learned nothing new).

so because i had no car, was in another state with no friends, was only going to be there for 6 weeks, had a job that bored me to tears (it does – office work can be fun but most of the time it just bores me b/c there’s no challenge), i did what any person needing an OUTLET would do….. i ran.

michigan is pretty flat, especially where my aunt lived. so it didn’t take long for me to run 2-3 miles a day, 5 days a week. i read and i ran. for 6 (or was it 8?) long weeks. and when i returned home, i kept running. and THEN i went back to school.

did you go to college? did you have to take a basic health & fitness class? ours was called Life Fitness and i’d been putting it off for ages because i didn’t want to run. see, you had to log ALL of your exercise for the class and the only way to get an “A” was to exercise a lot. i didn’t want to bother with that. ugh. but now that i was running, i thought it would be perfect.

did you know that you can get burned out on running when you are FORCED to do it? during our class time (one hour a day, 3 days a week) we had to RUN inside on the upstairs track. around and around and around and around and around…. well, you get the idea. i did that twice and couldn’t take it anymore. but did you know that our upstairs track looked down on the swimming pool? and did you know that DURING class, we could opt to SWIM instead of run?

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