Randomness about Me

Twenty Random Facts About Me, in no particular order:

1. I was born in Chicago but we moved before I knew how cool that was.

2. I am an introvert. Seriously.

3. I read a lot. I’ve loved it for ALMOST as long as I can remember. However, I think when I was about 6 or 7 and again when I was about 8, I tried to win some reading contest at school by simply writing down all the titles of all the kids’ books in our house. I had no desire to actually read any of them. My mom didn’t believe me that I read them all. I didn’t win the contest.

4. I played by myself a LOT as a child. See #2. I still have vivid memories of roller skating (not roller blading) up and down the sidewalks at our townhouse in Texas, pretending I was Ramona or Beezus from the books by Beverly Cleary.

5. I don’t like to do “crafts” with my children b/c they do it wrong. I really need to get over that and BACK OFF and let them have fun.

6. My favorite color was purple (or more specifically, lavender – the pastel version of purple from the 80s) when I was a kid. When I hit junior high (approximately), I hated all pastels and it’s only been in the last 15 years that anything pink or purple/lavender has adorned my body or found it’s way into my hand at a store.

7. When playing against my brother (who is 9 years older than I am), the only game I have EVER been able to win is Connect Four. And I’m actually fairly good at it. So good, in fact, that my husband will not play against me. Oops.

8. I used to be TERRIFIED of babies. It didn’t change until AFTER Davey was born.

9. I hate coconut. I love the smell but I hate the flavor and the texture. I am BIG on texture.

10. I was an EXTREMELY picky eater as a child. I have mellowed a LOT since then (well, mostly since my mid 20s when my friend’s mom insisted on cooking “real meals” for me once a week BUT she stipulated that I had to eat some of EVERYTHING even if I already knew I didn’t like it).

11. I failed the DRIVING portion of my drivers’ license exam three times. I would like to point out that the first time I wasn’t even allowed to drive – all because I didn’t know how to turn on the high beams (I was driving a 1969 Chrysler Cordoba and the high beams light was a button on the floor). The second time… well, we don’t need to go into this, do we?

12. I used to hate “vintage” things. I thought they were just plain old and useless. I know so much better, now.  :)

13. I have been to 13 countries: USA, Haiti, Japan, England, Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France, Canada, Kenya.

14. The next place on my “wish list” is Greece. It has been the “next place” on my wish list since I bypassed an opportunity to go there for a few days back when I was at school in Israel. Big regret, not doing that, despite the lack of funds.

15.  I went to a private, strict, Christian school from grades 4-10. The dress code was difficult during the 80s (aka: the decade of the mini skirt). I remember convincing my mom to buy me an outfit or two every year claiming, “I know it’s too short for school, but I can still wear it to church!”

16. If you count taking classes during the summer, I attended 5 different colleges during my 4-year-education. Philadelphia College of the Bible, Messiah College, Bucks County Community College (summer Spanish class), Rider University (summer Psychology in Film class) and Jerusalem University College.

17. After wearing “too much” make up during my Freshman year of college, I swore off make-up for at least a year until a good friend convinced me to give mascara a try. Now I wear eye liner and mascara daily. Sometimes I add more to that list, but those two for sure, EVERY day.

18. I haven’t gone to the gym or worked out in a month. Seriously. It’s frustrating and freeing all at the same time. I do miss Zumba, though. Alex’s pre school schedule has seriously cramped my style AND my work outs!

19. For as long as I can remember, I have LOVED the water and swimming. Let me correct that – I have always loved the POOL. However, I can’t swim that well (there’s no breaststroke with head in and then out of the water from side to side with proper breathing technique happening with me. I’m all about swimming like a fish – underwater).

20. I could never be a vegetarian. Or a vegan. I LOVE meat. Especially RED meat. I always have. It’s the only thing my mom could get me to eat when I was little. (Seriously. My plate at Easter consisted of ham, ham and more ham. And my plate at Thanksgiving consisted of turkey, turkey and more turkey. No gravy. Just turkey).


And there you go, my friends. Happy September!

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