heart warming

today was a banner day.


it was my FIRST day working in samantha’s class.

i had a great time.

i LOVE getting to know the other kids.

i LOVE seeing my daughter in action.

i LOVE watching the teacher.

i LOVE learning.

and today was no exception.

the bonus of working in the class RIGHT before lunchtime?




there’s a bonus for me this year: after Samantha’s lunch period, DAVEY has lunch period. so if i have a “sitter” for Alex and if i want to lose my hearing, i can sit through TWO lunch periods and ENJOY my children. and it’s worth it.

and today, i knew i made the right decision to stay for about 10 minutes of Davey’s lunchtime. because not only did i get the privilege of talking with my son during the middle of the school day, but i got to hear the kids at the other tables whisper (and shout out to me) “there’s Davey’s mom!” i was well-received with lots of hugs and excited “hellos!” and “we miss you!” statements.

i LOVE that i get to be a stay at home mom.

i LOVE that i have friends who will play with Alex so i can help in my kids’ classrooms.

i LOVE my Munchkins.

today, my heart is full and i am VERY thankful for this life.


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