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a few weeks ago, i was out of town at a womens’ retreat so dave was flying solo with all three Munchkins. this “solo flying” included a trip to a park for a birthday party for samantha. she was SO EXCITED to go to a party for a girl in her class.

butterfly face

dave sent me the above photo and i must admit, my heart was torn as i contemplated driving home IMMEDIATELY to hug her.

heart warming

today was a banner day.


it was my FIRST day working in samantha’s class.

i had a great time.

i LOVE getting to know the other kids.

i LOVE seeing my daughter in action.

i LOVE watching the teacher.

i LOVE learning.

and today was no exception.

the bonus of working in the class RIGHT before lunchtime?




there’s a bonus for me this year: after Samantha’s lunch period, DAVEY has lunch period. so if i have a “sitter” for Alex and if i want to lose my hearing, i can sit through TWO lunch periods and ENJOY my children. and it’s worth it.

and today, i knew i made the right decision to stay for about 10 minutes of Davey’s lunchtime. because not only did i get the privilege of talking with my son during the middle of the school day, but i got to hear the kids at the other tables whisper (and shout out to me) “there’s Davey’s mom!” i was well-received with lots of hugs and excited “hellos!” and “we miss you!” statements.

i LOVE that i get to be a stay at home mom.

i LOVE that i have friends who will play with Alex so i can help in my kids’ classrooms.

i LOVE my Munchkins.

today, my heart is full and i am VERY thankful for this life.



for no reason other than “just because,” here are two photos of dave and i from july 4, 2004. that makes these photos ALMOST 10 years old. that very thought makes me feel ill.


we enjoyed the 4th of July that year with our friends Dan & Heidi. they had a boat. the fireworks display(s) we enjoyed while on the water were pretty cool. we caught a glimpse of the shows in Blaine and Bellingham and there were a lot of fireworks around Birch Bay, too.

happy wednesday!

Lego Lovers

in this home, we own a lot of Legos.

a lot.

davey was the happy recipient of hand-me-down Legos from the dunkin side of the family. once he was old enough, we stored them all in one long, shallow, sterilite plastic unit under his bed. that worked for awhile. but when we moved into this house, we purchased a storage unit from IKEA specifically for Lego storage and building.

but he stored other stuff in there, too. and that was a fine. there was plenty of room.

and then Davey happened to walk into his room one day when i was sorting the Legos to FIND pieces to make Lego people to top his birthday cupcakes:


he made this wonderful “whoa!” sound when he saw the organized piles i had created. and while partially holding my breath, i quietly asked him if he would like to have all of his Legos SORTED and ORGANIZED one day.

and he said “yes!”

my heart may have skipped a beat with giddy enthusiasm and excitement. so during our not-quite-three-week road trip vacation to Montana and Washington, i spent a lot of time thinking about how BEST to store and ORGANIZE the Legos in a way that my almost 6-year old son could actually maintain.

in the end, the least expensive and most logical option for us was COLOR organizing into shallow drawers. Since we already had the storage unit and 3 shallow drawers, we only spent $24 ($3 each x 6 new drawers and $3 each x 2 drawer dividers) to create this:

sorting A

and then i didn’t see my two oldest children for a few days. seriously. davey and samantha spent HOURS in davey’s room building their masterpieces and creations with Legos. the only problem: Samantha wanted more Legos.

and then my husband decided it was time for a new hobby. and i don’t understand it all, but it involves his laptop (duh! just about everything he does involves his laptop), motors, Legos and i-don’t-know-what-else. but did you catch that?


my husband needs LEGOS for his new hobby.

which meant that HE needed Legos. so he ordered a lot of 500 pieces from eBay. they were “special” Legos specifically used to build things like robots (i think they are called Lego Technic pieces or something like that). when the package arrived, there were only 270 Legos inside – he counted them twice.

so it was time for me to get involved. i had a son with an abundance of Legos (but almost ZERO Technic pieces). I had a daughter who wanted her own Legos. and I had a husband who needed specific Legos of his own.

due to all kinds of wonderful circumstances outside of my control, a bulk lot of Legos popped up on a FB group for only $30. so i put myself in line for the Legos knowing there was no way on this planet i would be the “winner.”

but just a few days later, THIS was in my possession:

30 bucket

you know those large storage totes you use for camping and storing things in the garage/attic/basement? this is one of those. over half full of Legos. INCLUDING Technic pieces.


for $30.

i think my husband was in awe.

my kids were elated.

so one weekend, we spent time as a family doing this:

sorting 1

and after HOURS (i do, very literally, mean HOURS), we had this:

sorting 2

the green, red and metal buckets were filled with Legos for Samantha. the clear bucket was filled with all the Technic pieces for Dave and his new hobby.

so then i made a trip to walmart and purchased a plastic storage unit with drawers for dave. and he and i spent MOST of a saturday SORTING all of his Legos.

and on Sunday, we went BACK to IKEA to buy 2 more shallow, white drawers for Samantha’s storage unit (she has the white version of what Davey has) and we proceeded to sort HER Legos by color (though we grouped a few colors together so she would still have room for two large, pink drawers for her Barbies and My Little Ponies).

so once everyone had Legos in their room and they were sorted to their satisfaction, we started having Lego parties. we meet in the loft and we build (my Munchkins are kind enough to share their Legos with me). and it’s fun.

building party 1

d4 creation d3 creation s creation  t creation

we now own THOUSANDS of pieces of Legos. (that is NOT an exaggeration.)

they are ALL sorted.

and that’s how we roll!

too much detail

Today’s Prompt: Your Day In Detail


I seriously doubt you want to know about my day – in detail. Then again, today was actually quite tame. Let’s give it a shot. But if you get bored reading this, I will not be offended. I can guarantee I will get bored typing it….

5:56am Woke up (no alarm needed?!). Decided to get up and get ready for the day.

7:07am Made sure each Munchkin was awake. Made breakfast, started laundry, packed lunches, filled water bottles, prepped toothbrushes, cleaned the kitchen, “fixed” Samantha’s hair, found Munchkin socks, and more.

7:50am Said goodbye to Dave, Davey and Samantha. Got Alex dressed for school.

8:08am Took Alex to school. She pitched a FIT about getting out of the car. After I gave her a piggy back ride from the car to the building and her friends started arriving, she was MUCH more agreeable. When I left (8:15am), she was lined up with her friends, she was wearing her backpack and she was smiling and laughing…..

8:25am Purchased new rubber stoppers (for the legs of my vintage step stool) at Home Depot. Headed home to work on projects.

Instead, I did laundry and ironing and… other than breaking the iron (seriously?!) there was nothing exciting accomplished while Alex was in school.

Are you bored yet?

I sure am.

In the end, my day involved all kinds of house chores, child care activities, school paperwork, a trip to Hobby Lobby (with Alex), a trip to the doctor (with all three kids) for two well-child exams (Davey and Alexandra),

criss cross applesauce

dinner with the family and (eventually) I worked on some projects for the JITT vintage market.

book frames

And now I’m blogging. Woo hoo!

Here’s a photo of something that made today a LITTLE bit easier:

clip chart

After multiple “threats” by this Mommy to make a clip chart for use at home (the two older kids have them in their classrooms at school), the kids started to ASK for one. So here it is. We’ll see how long this works/lasts!

Sorry it was a boring post, but it was the prompt for today.


Yesterday’s prompt was: something you’re excited about in the next 12 months.

those of you who know me well, know that i am just a teeny, tiny, wee bit excitable. seriously.

i can get hyped up faster than a kid with no spending limit in a candy store.

it’s crazy.

but fun.

and it’s me.

that said, what is something i’m excited about in the next 12 months?

this should come as no surprise, but there are actually a lot of things i’m excited about. let’s see how many i can list in 5 minutes. i’m setting my timer.

ready? set…. GO!

1. Meeting my nephew (he was born in May).

2. Along with #1 would be getting to see my brother (haven’t seen him in a year) and getting to see his new house (they haven’t even moved in yet) and getting to (hopefully) see NYC again (it’s been too long….)

3. A family vacation to California. We had hoped it would happen this past summer. It didn’t. It will sometime in the next 12 months. And I’m excited about it. I’m most excited that a 6-hour road trip sounds like an EASY BREEZE compared to 3 long days of driving to and from Washington for the past two years!

4. My booth at the Junk in the Trunk show this November. I’m excited and nervous all at the same time. Please come visit me – even if you don’t buy anything (though buying something would be MORE helpful)!

5. Imagining how much MORE Alex will be DOING and SAYING 12 months from now gets me VERY excited. yep. VERY. After just one month of school she’s already talking up a storm and surprising us with new words!


So there you have it, my friends. 5 things I’m excited about for the next 12 months.

What pending events or improvements make YOU excited?


Randomness about Me

Twenty Random Facts About Me, in no particular order:

1. I was born in Chicago but we moved before I knew how cool that was.

2. I am an introvert. Seriously.

3. I read a lot. I’ve loved it for ALMOST as long as I can remember. However, I think when I was about 6 or 7 and again when I was about 8, I tried to win some reading contest at school by simply writing down all the titles of all the kids’ books in our house. I had no desire to actually read any of them. My mom didn’t believe me that I read them all. I didn’t win the contest.

4. I played by myself a LOT as a child. See #2. I still have vivid memories of roller skating (not roller blading) up and down the sidewalks at our townhouse in Texas, pretending I was Ramona or Beezus from the books by Beverly Cleary.

5. I don’t like to do “crafts” with my children b/c they do it wrong. I really need to get over that and BACK OFF and let them have fun.

6. My favorite color was purple (or more specifically, lavender – the pastel version of purple from the 80s) when I was a kid. When I hit junior high (approximately), I hated all pastels and it’s only been in the last 15 years that anything pink or purple/lavender has adorned my body or found it’s way into my hand at a store.

7. When playing against my brother (who is 9 years older than I am), the only game I have EVER been able to win is Connect Four. And I’m actually fairly good at it. So good, in fact, that my husband will not play against me. Oops.

8. I used to be TERRIFIED of babies. It didn’t change until AFTER Davey was born.

9. I hate coconut. I love the smell but I hate the flavor and the texture. I am BIG on texture.

10. I was an EXTREMELY picky eater as a child. I have mellowed a LOT since then (well, mostly since my mid 20s when my friend’s mom insisted on cooking “real meals” for me once a week BUT she stipulated that I had to eat some of EVERYTHING even if I already knew I didn’t like it).

11. I failed the DRIVING portion of my drivers’ license exam three times. I would like to point out that the first time I wasn’t even allowed to drive – all because I didn’t know how to turn on the high beams (I was driving a 1969 Chrysler Cordoba and the high beams light was a button on the floor). The second time… well, we don’t need to go into this, do we?

12. I used to hate “vintage” things. I thought they were just plain old and useless. I know so much better, now.  :)

13. I have been to 13 countries: USA, Haiti, Japan, England, Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France, Canada, Kenya.

14. The next place on my “wish list” is Greece. It has been the “next place” on my wish list since I bypassed an opportunity to go there for a few days back when I was at school in Israel. Big regret, not doing that, despite the lack of funds.

15.  I went to a private, strict, Christian school from grades 4-10. The dress code was difficult during the 80s (aka: the decade of the mini skirt). I remember convincing my mom to buy me an outfit or two every year claiming, “I know it’s too short for school, but I can still wear it to church!”

16. If you count taking classes during the summer, I attended 5 different colleges during my 4-year-education. Philadelphia College of the Bible, Messiah College, Bucks County Community College (summer Spanish class), Rider University (summer Psychology in Film class) and Jerusalem University College.

17. After wearing “too much” make up during my Freshman year of college, I swore off make-up for at least a year until a good friend convinced me to give mascara a try. Now I wear eye liner and mascara daily. Sometimes I add more to that list, but those two for sure, EVERY day.

18. I haven’t gone to the gym or worked out in a month. Seriously. It’s frustrating and freeing all at the same time. I do miss Zumba, though. Alex’s pre school schedule has seriously cramped my style AND my work outs!

19. For as long as I can remember, I have LOVED the water and swimming. Let me correct that – I have always loved the POOL. However, I can’t swim that well (there’s no breaststroke with head in and then out of the water from side to side with proper breathing technique happening with me. I’m all about swimming like a fish – underwater).

20. I could never be a vegetarian. Or a vegan. I LOVE meat. Especially RED meat. I always have. It’s the only thing my mom could get me to eat when I was little. (Seriously. My plate at Easter consisted of ham, ham and more ham. And my plate at Thanksgiving consisted of turkey, turkey and more turkey. No gravy. Just turkey).


And there you go, my friends. Happy September!