things to reNember

things i want to remember:

- Davey still says reNember for remember and westernaut for restaurant

- Davey has started sleeping without a shirt at night. to be like daddy. it’s so cute.


- Samantha insists on having her music started at night by whomever says goodnight to her LAST

- Samantha sings ALL DAY LONG after school. whatever song she learned that day in class, i hear it 1000x for the rest of that day. If you ask her to sing it two days later, she can’t remember it. That’s MY girl!


- Alex is still obsessed with Blues Clues and Yo Gabba Gabba!

- Alex frequently says “hand” or “hands” as she’s walking along the sidewalk or up the stairs. she wants to hold my hand/hands. even when we BOTH have hands full of stuff.

- Alex has finally given up raisins and craisins (she used to eat them ALL.THE.TIME)

- Alex is still obsessed with “ugh nok” which is what it sounds like when she says “fruit snacks”
- Davey and Samantha require “fresh water with ice” at bedtime

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