“peaches come from a can they were put there by a man in a factory down town….”

who knew peaches would be ripe here in MAY?!

yes, may.

and they’re good.

there’s a “local” farm that has this big peach festival for two weekends every May. we missed it last year (by a week!) and we ALMOST missed it this year.

perhaps i should put it on the calendar for next year?


The first thing we did after entering the farm is walk a long and dusty trail to find the peach fields that were open for picking that day.

we also found a box to use for picking and packing.

hanging: hanging

hunting: seeking

snacking: eating

paying: paying

and we ended up with this:

22 pounds picked

that’s 22 pounds of peaches, my friend.




guess we got a little eager in our picking?!

and then dave took the peaches to the car so we could continue to explore the farm – it’s rather large and the signage is quite poor.

the kids managed to convince daddy that their FIRST EVER PONY RIDE would be a fun experience:

pony ride 1

for just $5 each, it was worth it.

they had smiles all day!

and then they found a school bus to “drive:”

bus ride

and about a week later, i spent two hours standing in front of my kitchen sink peeling and pitting peaches:

 sliced  pits

i like peaches (especially in margaritas) but I think we’ll pick FEWER peaches next year!

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