auntie babi was here

auntie babi stopped by for a day in may.

she had been in california for elizabeth (my oldest niece)’s college graduation.

i picked her up from the airport just before midnight on sunday night. then she, dave and i stayed up a little “too late” talking and laughing:


Davey had to head off to school the next morning, but Dave took the day off work and we went to a nearby park with a view of the surrounding mountains.


they also have a decent play ground:

tire swing

after the park/playground, we visited a few stores for some clothing shopping (a favorite past time for Babi and me) and then we headed home to enjoy a yummy lunch of salad and a rotisserie chicken.

then we all enjoyed a nice REST TIME until Davey got out of school.

and it was warm/hot enough to enjoy the pool and the sun:

sun time

for dinner, we took Auntie Babi to Liberty Market in downtown Gilbert.

i snagged a stranger to get this photo for us:

family together

it’s a new favorite.  :)

and before bedtime, we let Auntie Babi get the kids all wound up with an intense DANCE PARTY:

dance party 1 dance party 2 dance party 3 dance party 4 dance party 5

and after the Munchkins went to bed, it was time for me to return Auntie Babi to the airport.

We had a fantastic visit with her and we hope it’s not another two years before we see her again!

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