2nd Annual Cinco de Mayo Fest

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Last year, Dave had this fantastic idea for the Logos Arizona office to have a Cinco de Mayo party at the Logos house. Well, really the idea was simply for a party but the Saturday that the house was available and that people were available was Cinco de Mayo. So we had a fun party with a salsa cook off and carnitas (Dave made them – SO. YUM.) and a piñata for the kids. When all was said and done, we decided it might need to become an annual event.

Fast forward to this year and the house calendar filled up quite quickly. And Cinco de Mayo was on a Sunday. And the house was booked starting on Saturday. So we made the best of the situation and enjoyed our SECOND ANNUAL CINCO de MAYO FEST on Friday the 3rd of May (aka: Tres de Mayo). Again, we enjoyed a salsa cook off. and swimming (the water was warmer this year – thanks for those solar panels, Bob!). and the kids had fun with another piñata.


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Last year, there were 5 employees, 4 spouses and 10 kids.

So 9 adults and 10 children.

This year there were 11 employees or soon-to-be employees (meaning people who had accepted a job offer but hadn’t started work yet), 7 spouses and 12 kids. Plus Bob, his wife Audra, their (adult) daughter, Kaiti and Dan (Bob’s brother).

That means we jumped up to 22 adults and 12 children.

That’s some good growth.

And here’s some good “growth,” too. Facial hair growth, that is:

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We had a great time and even though the event is a lot of work, I’d still suggest we do it again next year.

I think EVERYONE had a grand time!

Casey Wood was the queen this year. She not only won the salsa cook off with a pineapple salsa, but she made strawberry margarita cupcakes so we could celebrate Grace’s 3rd birthday. She also made some DELICIOUS peanut butter and chocolate peanut butter GF cookie bites.


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And it wouldn’t be an event where the Philpot and Dunkin families are together if Mr. Tom wasn’t getting a good arm workout by carrying his Jada and our Alex at the same time:


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