a seattle adventure

A few weekends ago (while Nana was here – the main reason why nana came to visit WHEN she did), dave and i had the chance to head to seattle for a weekend. dave’s trip was for business and mine was for pleasure. Logos was hosting BibleTech (a conference) again. Dave, Tom, and Jared from the Tempe, Arizona office, made the journey to Seattle. Jared’s wife, Casey, joined us for the adventure, too, which made me NOT the only female tag-a-long.

so here’s a long re-cap of our adventure(s)….


We got to the Phoenix airport on Thursday morning, packed and ready to go. We all met up before security and ventured through the screenings to our gate. While Tom and Dave were both finalizing their presentations for BibleTech, Jared, Casey and I talked about food (peanut m&ms, chex mix, doritos, etc.). Junk food. :)

Ater landing and FINALLY finding our way to the rental car station (it was poorly marked), we were on our way to find some LUNCH. Many thanks to YELP! for helping us find this DELICIOUS teriyaki place that has GLUTEN FREE teriyaki. This is a food that dave and i miss. a lot. We haven’t yet found a good teriyaki joint in the East Valley. here’s a picture of my lunch:

it was FANTASTIC (and not JUST because i was really hungry)!

after lunch, we made our way to the hotel. it turns out there are TWO “Red Lion Hotels” in the seattle area. a few years ago, the conference was at the RLH by the airport (which is where we went after lunch). this year, however, we were at the RLH on Fifth Avenue in downtown Seattle. the location was PERFECT for touristy things! however, it took us a little while to figure out that there were TWO hotels and which one we were supposed to go to. it felt good to finally open the door to our room and REST for a little while.

dave worked on his presentation some more. and then the two of us hopped back into the rental car and found our way to west seattle to visit dave’s sister (Rachel), brother-in-law (Sterling) and niece (Amity). we enjoyed seeing their new-to-them home and visiting for a few short hours. and this sweet little girl:

was somewhat enamored with her Auntie Tam. (duh! who wouldn’t be enamored with me?!) so after i attempted to encourage her to eat her dinner (a tuna fish sandwich – something i despise so much it deserves it’s own blog post – seriously), we were buddies for some pre-bedtime play in her room.

first we played (doll) HOUSE with the daddy, mommy and grammy (apparently the “baby” is missing). then we played drums/musical instruments and we danced. then we built some towers with legos (well, mega blocks). then we read some books and amity toddled around her room to show me her lovies and special animals. and then, the nerve of Sterling (daddy), he ended our fun…. or attempted to. amity ran over to me, sat in my lap and ignored her daddy and tried to get me involved in the story again.

she is SUCH a doll (and, i imagine, such a stinker!). she just turned 2 years old in february and even when we lived in washington, we didn’t get to see her often enough. we had to leave far too early (it was a work night for Sterling and Dave still had to finish his presentation for the next morning), but we’re SO THANKFUL we were able to spend some time with S, R & A while we were in Seattle!


Dave was out of the room on Friday morning before I was even out of bed! He still had a little bit of work on his presentation to finish (his presentation was around 11) and he had to grab some breakfast before the conference started at 9 (registration began at 8).

I was fortunate enough to meet up with Casey and my dear friend, Julie, for breakfast at Starbucks. And unlike life here in the East Valley, we had MULTIPLE locations to choose from. In a 4-city-block radius there were a LOT of Starbucks locations. Seriously. So we walked half a block to the end of our street (across the street was a Starbucks in a bank but we all agreed it wasn’t a “real” Starbucks so we kept walking), turned the corner and walked the length of the short block, crossed the street and there was our Friday morning Starbucks.

We ordered drinks and bites and sat at the window counter and took photos and chatted for almost an hour. It was COLD COLD COLD COLD COLD outside (more so to Casey and I having just left 88* weather in Arizona!) so we spent some time enjoying our slow, child-free start to our day.

Julie then parted ways with us and headed to Ikea to run some errands including FUN shopping for things for her NEW-TO-HER house! Casey and I hopped in the rental car and headed north to Lynnwood for a day of shopping and eating with some of my Lynden friends: Karla, Carrilee, Jessica and Mary Jo. (A few other friends had intended to join us but various life things “got in the way.”).

We enjoyed H&M, Gymboree, Daiso, lunch at Chipotle, Norstrom Rack, Old Navy, DSW and a few more stores back at the mall. It was even sunny and warm enough for us to don our shades and shed our jackets for a few hours:

casey sunshine

before it cooled off and we headed to Claim Jumper for dinner:

claim jumper

Julie joined up with us for dinner. We all talked A LOT. We all laughed A LOT. we all ate A LOT. and we even had an early BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION for one of my favorite people ever:



And before I knew it, it was time for us to share our good-byes and head our separate ways. The day went by too quickly and I miss my friends. It was FANTASTIC to see them, but it was too few hours, though we surely did make the most of them!

And in addition to seeing some of my dearest friends from Lynden, I also got to see THIS special lady:


THIS is Elizabeth Wickland and her photo hasn’t been on my blog in a long time. Because it’s been a LONG time since I’ve seen her. But her trip from Montana to Tacoma, Washington for a Mary Kay Conference JUST HAPPENED to co-incide with OUR trip to Seattle for BibleTech. So it was FANTASTIC to see her for an hour at Daiso at the mall (yes, we spent a LONG time in that store and we found lots of great finds)! I’m hoping she’ll be here for a visit in a few months and you’ll get to see a lot more of her (heck, I will, too)!

One might think that with SO MUCH excitement, my day would have been complete. But remember, I hadn’t actually seen my husband yet for the day. So when we got back to our hotel, Jared & Casey and Dave & I decided to find a bar for drinks and dessert. We wandered a bit aimlessly for awhile. We tried one place that had too long of a wait and too loud of a sound system. And then we found the Capital Grille. Dark, quiet, mostly empty, up-scale… just what we wanted.

This is where we met Jimi Hendrix:

dunkins and jimi

and discovered that he and Dave have the same hair.

And we finally found something that Jared will NOT eat (or drink): The 601:

jared something jared will NOT eat

I think it was the “white anchovy stuffed sicillan olives” that did it for him.

So Dave ordered it. but i will spare you the photo.

{insert shivers here}

But we did enjoy a few drinks and some YUMMY desserts before calling it a night.

woods  dunkins

I’d say that all that excitement and fun made Friday a pretty PHENOMENAL day.

So I’ll share Saturday with you in another post.

Trust me.

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