germy germy germs

two weeks ago, alex had a gnarly head cold with some mild fever.

that was bad enough.

then on sunday, davey came down with a fever near the end of our super bowl party (which means we shared germs).

his fever persisted all week.

i finally took him to the pediatrician on thursday.


strep throat.


he never once complained of a sore throat.

even when the doctor asked him after it was confirmed, still no pain.

so we started antibiotics.


he was happy and fine on friday, but not fever-free long enough to go back to school yet.

so davey, the girls and i ran some (mostly in the car) errands.


and alex came down with a fever friday night.

and now she and samantha are battling fevers and coughs and head congestion.


on saturday, i spent $120 to take the two girls to Urgent Care.

i spent another $22.22 on antibiotic prescriptions for them.


and yet neither of them feels any better.

and neither of them is doing any better.

crabby, coughing, stuffy, runny, feverish and blah.


[davey also has a cough but he's back at school.]


i’m tired of being a walking pharmacy constantly dishing out




cough medicine,

allergy pills

and more.




i’m ready for all these germs to be gone.


would you please pray for speedy healing for our family?

more specifically that we’d all be healthy by tomorrow (tuesday)?

i’m just ready to be done with this season.



2 thoughts on “germy germy germs

  1. I’m so sorry they’re not feeling better yet!! Prayers!! I know you have a busy week…I hate for you to have to cancel everything!

  2. These wee ones are too darn cute. Maybe if they weren’t, those bad germs wouldn’t be so attracted to them. Love your shirt, Alexandra. How’s Samantha?

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