christmas 2012 was…

christmas 2012 was a lot of fantastic and a bit of exhaustion all rolled into one.


dave’s parents and his “baby” brother (tom who is almost 24) were able to join us for 8 days of “we have to show you this and this and this and this and we have to eat here and here and here and here…”


you know how it is, right?


plus there were all the regular Christmas shopping and prep and cooking and baking and davey’s class party and other holiday activities going on.


and don’t let me forget the sickness. see, just over a week before Christmas i came down with that vomiting virus. it was horrendous. i don’t think i’ve ever thrown up that many times in my life. it was awful. i wouldn’t wish it on my best friend OR on my worst enemy. seriously. it was that bad. i had to go to urgent care to get “stop-vomiting” medication. yes i did. and it was SOOOOOOO worth the $60 for the visit and the $7 for the prescription. and bonus? we have left overs! davey had a more mild case of the vomiting ick. and the girls got the runs. and dave felt “off” for days. it was a nasty, nasty thing.


and then dave’s parents arrived so closer to our infestation that they were each down for a day with it. which means their cases were more mild than ours but even a mild case of that is gross, awful and NOT fun. especially when you’re on vacation to see your grandchildren!


but aside from that nasty lotta bit of ice, we spent 8 glorious days eating, shopping, eating, cooking & baking, eating, laughing and telling stories, eating, making Christmas crafts, eating, watching Christmas movies, eating, assembling puzzles and more. the kids LOVED having grandpa & grandma here and uncle tom was a super fun bonus for them (especially for davey and his love of video games, which he seems to have inherited from his uncle tom)!


i’ll share photos soon. hopefully. but i wanted to jot down this stuff while i remembered it.




and for those of you who like more details, here are some random facts about our holiday week….

movies watched: at least 3 (Elf; A Christmas Story; The Polar Express)

gifts opened: too many to count

hikes/walks: 2 (Christmas Eve day at Lost Dutchman State Park and Christmas Day at Gilbert Riparian Preserve)

sweet treats ingested: far too many including, but not limited to: fro yo; Ritas Italian Ice; Freddies Frozen Custard; monster cookies; sour cream drop cookies; fudge; applets & cotlets; poppycock; reindeer noses and ice cream

puzzles completed: two

number of vehicles required for all EIGHT of us to go anywhere “together:” two. the pathfinder only holds 7

meals cooked: a lot (pulled pork; veggie lasagna; carne guisado; pulled flank steak tacos; chili; potato soup; ham dinner and maybe a few more?)

projects completed by dad: at least 5 (kitchen drawer handles installed; guest bath towel bars installed; peg board hung in garage; struts on rear pathfinder window installed; new air filter installed in pathfinder)

projects completed by tam: at least 3 (5 new stockings made; new table runner; 6 new placemats)



and thursday morning, december 27th rolled around all too quickly b/c the family was gone before the kids even woke. and it took us a few days to try to “recover” from having our family guests here for 8 days.


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