just another one of THOSE weeks

have you ever had one of THOSE weeks.

you know what i mean.


the kind where things go wrong. you’re frustrated. you’re disappointed. but life keeps moving forward so you persist even though you want everything to stop while you try to “figure it out?!”


that’s been this week.


i’m so thankful to have amazing friends in my life.

both near and far.


friends who are good with texting.

friends who are good with phone calls.

friends who are prompt responders on facebook.

friends who e-mail me.

friends who pray for me even though we rarely talk.


i love them all.

they are ALL blessings from above to me.


and here in arizona, God has gifted me quite a few Godly women who are a good influence on me and whom i love. here are two of them:

that’s jenni on the left and casey on the right.

their husbands work with my husband.

and we have kids the same age.


and they skipped out on their families last friday night to support me at the Craft Boutique. and they stayed late and helped me pack up. and then we went to Chili’s (at 10pm) and enjoyed queso (with chips, of course) and margaritas.


and this week, they have both loved on my children,

fed my children and/or me,

and listened to me as i shared some of the details that have made this one of THOSE weeks.


thank you, jenni & casey!


and to carrilee and julie back in washington, thank YOU for listening to me, too. and for praying with me. and for me.



One thought on “just another one of THOSE weeks

  1. Right back at-cha, friend! The feeling is mutual! Love ya! And I am SO thankful that you have friends in AZ to support you as well. I can’t wait to meet Casey and spend REAL time with Jenni, too!

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