it finally happened.


i’ve been letting alex play with crayons and colored pencils for months. s

he’s always been pretty good with them. she usually just walks around the house with them. okay, initially she tried to eat them.


every. single. time.


but she’s better than that now. she has, on a few occasions, made marks in a (coloring) book but she’s not really interested in coloring on paper. she has colored on the kids’ table. i’m not thrilled about that, but the other two already covered it in crayon and pencil marks so i’ve given up trying to keep it nice. and then they all hit the chairs. ugh. it’s like a child’s dream table and chairs!


but on thursday night, alex did something new (to her) and she got both a hand tap and a time out.



“what did she do?” you ask.

“it couldn’t have been THAT bad,” you say, “because she’s so little and cute!”


just take a look:

yes,those are crayon markings.


yes, they are on the wall.


and yes, she used a BLACK crayon:

oh alex.

i do have a very legitimate excuse for my negligent parenting. i was standing not more than 8 feet away from her when the incident occurred. i was in the kitchen. i was making dinner. chicken, twice-baked potatoes and asparagus. and i heard samantha exclaim, “no, alex, no! do NOT color on the wall!”


ugh. i lifted my eyes and felt a moment of defeat.

and then,¬†¬†even though i knew it wouldn’t do much good, along with her hand tap and time out, she had to take a baby wipe and scrub the wall.


yes, i’m serious.


she has to learn that there are some things we just don’t do!


hopefully there will be NO repeats of this type of incident. though i must admit that i’m thankful it was crayon and not marker on the wall!



in case you’re wondering, her scrubbing with the baby wipe did absolutely no good. i, however, pulled out a mr. clean magic eraser and went to town on the wall. black crayon GONE. i’m so thankful for that invention!

2 thoughts on “THE INCIDENT

  1. I noticed that she is also wearing only one boot. She does look serious about scrubbing the wall. And thank you little mother Samantha for the warning.

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