i am THAT crazy lady….

earlier today i discovered that a package i’ve been WAITING to receive was reportedly delivered to my house last week. seriously.


so when i happened to see the mail carrier today, i asked what i should do about a missing package. and he asked my name and then said that he put a package in my box today. so the kids and i continued down to the box but there was no package. and no key for a package.


so i turned into the crazy lady. seriously. the kids and i got home and didn’t even make it into the house. we hopped into the pathfinder and set out to find the mail carrier. seriously. i drove in the direction his truck had been parked. and i found the next bank of mailboxes but he wasn’t there. grrrr. so i kept going and then caught a glimpse of him! seriously. i waited for school busses. i waited for kids walking home. and riding home on bikes. and i followed the mail carrier to the next bank of boxes and got out of my car.




and he agreed to swing back around to the boxes to make sure there were no missing keys. or keys left in the package boxes rather than in the mail slot boxes.


and in the end, there was no key in my box. no package on my doorstep. and i have $66 of silver snake necklace chains somewhere in LaLa Land. though, according to the tracking number, the box was delivered.




i might have to track him down again tomorrow to find out what to do next for that missing box.

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