yep. i’m frustrated. very frustrated. today, i visited the post office to find out what can be done (if anything) about my missing package (that was reportedly delivered over a week ago). after talking with the supervisor, it turns out that nothing – NOTHING – can be done. yep. so i’m out the $66 i paid for the product AND the shipping. so earlier today, i logged into my account and had to pay ANOTHER $66 to order the SAME chains. sigh.


consider my vent now complete.


i’ve been busy, oh-so-busy, working on projects for around our home AND for a local (and VERY SMALL) “holiday boutique” (aka: craft show). and yesterday dave and i decided to have some friends to our house for thanksgiving dinner. which means i’m about to make my first ever thanksgiving meal. yep. very serious. we may or may not BUY a turkey from a local restaurant. we’ll decide sometime this weekend.


my goals for this weekend are as follows:

- add second coat of stain to porch swing

- purchase the remaining supplies needed to finish samantha’s dress-up clothing wardrobe

- paint a few of the “extra” drawers (from the dresser used to make samantha’s dress-up clothing

wardrobe) to use as shelves in the kids’ rooms (so creative, right?!)

- visit local TJ Maxx to see if the table they have in stock will actually fit in our hallway

- drill holes in scrabble tile trays

- spray paint scrabble tile trays

- finish stitching girl felties for paci straps and headbands

- MAYBE prep ribbon for paci straps



are you tired yet? because i certainly am! i’m not sure how realistic it is for me to try to accomplish all of that, but it’s good to have goals!

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